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[Pics] Trending: Naturals are Trying This Adorable Take on Banding

• Oct 14, 2016

Mini puffs, pony puffs, or poodle puffs? Whatever you call them, one thing’s for sure — they are taking over social media. This photo of little Shanillia, whose mother has a YouTube channel dedicated to her hair care, has been trending on social media for weeks. People can’t get enough of her juicy, fluffy rubber banded pony tails! Typically this kind of banding is seen when women are trying to stretch their natural hair, but Shanillia’s mother decided to create a fun style. The gold hair jewelry makes this style really unique, and both girls and women are trying it.




The style has its origins in Africa (let us know in the comments which country/region!) but is being adopted by black women around the globe.



It’s fairly easy to do; starting on stretched hair, a leave-in conditioner is applied to the hair for shrinkage. You want shrinkage for this style because it creates volume. Next the hair is banded at the root and rubber bands applied every half inch, with the hair fluffed in between. The end results is fluffy gorgeousness!

Ladies, would you try this look?

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5 Comments on "[Pics] Trending: Naturals are Trying This Adorable Take on Banding"

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That. is. so. cute. I want to try this style!! Can my 27 year old self get away with this? I’m going to find out.…


Girl, go get you a pink metallic lippie and work it.


Hum I’m sorry but that’s not a “new trend” this hairstyle like what you people call “bantu knots”, we, in caribbean islands, know them since a loooongtime. You absolutely need to come visit us and see what mothers do for schooldays !!! It’s just amazing !!!


I love it; very age appropriate and a better alternative for a young girl than heavy crochet braids.

Sabrina black

It’s very cute and cultural??

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