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Men Washing Their Partners’ Natural Hair is the Video Trend You Need to See

• Oct 18, 2016

After successfully transitioning to natural hair, and *finally* getting a solid routine down, the last thing most of us want is some clueless dude all up in our tresses. And yet a few brave naturals have allowed their partners to participate in one of the most involved curly hair care tasks — wash day.

As you can see from the videos below some do pretty well, others not so much. They are definitely cute to watch, but also important. Assuming these men have or are going to have children, learning to manage natural hair is a task they can and should learn. Natural hair care can be a family affair! Check it out…

Family vloggers The Brown-E Life… that downward water stream/shower head action is so important.


Bree and Steve… who categorized the experience as a ‘fail’


Beauty Vlogger TreetopQueen31… she had to give her husband a quick lesson on detangling during the wash.


Natural hair vlogger Lola let her “curious” husband attempt wash day… he did a pretty good job with the detangling!


Lola also wrote about the experience on ForHarriet;

I had my husband wash my hair not too long ago. After that process, we shared an openness about my hair that we had not previously had. He is bi-racial, and has curly, coily hair. Some of the comments he’s made about black woman and our hair over the years were “questionable.” He was never cruel and did not have malicious intent, but he perpetuated stereotypes early on in by referring to his hair as “nappy” whenever it was frizzy or unruly.

After washing my hair, my husband’s tone when discussing it or my regimen has completely changed. The questions themselves may be the same, but instead of frustration or puzzlement, which made me defensive at times, he is honestly interested in what, exactly, I’m doing with my hair and what I’m putting in it. He even asks, “Do I need him to watch the baby so you can finish?” (Yes!) His compassion has helped eliminate the barrier that’s often present between Black men and women when it comes to acceptance of our hair. When questions like “are you leaving your hair like that?” became “babe I saw a cool protective style on tumblr I think you would love,” (true story) It produces honesty and dialogue in a relationship where every girl should be allowed to be truly bare and at her best…

I won’t say that he’s a YouTube hair guru now, but after washing and styling my hair, my husband has completely changed his tune. He understands more about texture and takes his time finger detangling our daughter’s hair with pride. For so long, not only have Black women not understood our hair, but neither have Black men, and it’s time for that to change. In our house, the only good hair is healthy hair.”

Ladies, does your partner participate in wash day?

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11 Comments on "Men Washing Their Partners’ Natural Hair is the Video Trend You Need to See"

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Chile, the swirlers on this blog and on social media are NOT here for positive images of black love. All black men are supposed to be trash, according to them. True happiness is only with a white KANG. They won’t be here for this.

Ebony Allen

I know, right? These videos dispel the myth that all black men don’t hate black women.


You need to get a life…

Sabrina black

That’s great? I can’t wait to watch these videos. It’s worth a share.


So beautiful to see this level of unity in Black romance!?

Karen J

Nice to see my husband isn’t the only one. We’ve been married for 21 years and my husband washes, blow dries (when I was relaxed), massages and, oils scalp for both myself and our girls’ hair.


Nothing more beautiful than these images. My ex use to do my hair and visa versa.

Milos Mom

Errrrr.… When I had dreadlock yes because it is hard to mess that up. Now that I have non-modified hair, NAY. There are way too many variables. I cringe and pray when I go for my annual hair cut at a high-end salon. I sure as heck won’t let anyone else at my hair no matter how much I love them.


Shout out the the last husband who detangled before the wash LOL

Sabrina black

Love it.


I’m glad husbands/boyfriends washed their hair. Open dialogue about our hair with them is long overdue.

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