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Dascha Palonco Went Pantless and Skirtless for New York Fashion Week

• Sep 14, 2016

OINTB actress Dascha Palonco isn’t here for Hollywood’s sizeism. The Afro-Latina star donned a skintight pant-less catsuit to New York Fashion Week and the world took notice.



The star is known for speaking about having trouble finding designers who will dress her, but she doesn’t let that challenge hold her back. A quick stroll through her Instagram feed shows that Ms. Polanco is proud of her body and refuses to kowtow to the belief that bigger women should hide.

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Of course, if she were thinner, her NYFW ensemble wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but Polaco’s act of simply being comfortable in her own skin gained lots of attention.

?…una experienca religiosa. #howfashiontravels #theblonds #ismellgood #hairflipbye ?

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Polaco continued to strut her stuff at a NYFW afterparty.

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We absolutely love it and can’t wait to see more from this rising star.

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Wendi York
Wendi York
5 years ago

I’m glad very glad that she feels comfortable in her own skin, a lot of women don’t. But with all the science and knowledge known we KNOW that being over weight isn’t healthy. Can we not be PC about this please?

5 years ago

Very bold and beautiful!

Michele A. Yates
Michele A. Yates
5 years ago

WOW! this woman is SEXY!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Sorry but I’m not a fan of this on anyone, thin or thick. No siree.
It’s not classy. But then again fashion week is not about being classy is it?
I do think she’s a pretty girl though.

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