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Black Women File Class Action Lawsuit Against L’Oreal Over Baldness and Scalp Burns From Relaxers

• Sep 14, 2016

After using celebs such as Cynthia Bailey, Tracee Ellis Ross and Michelle Obama’s hairstylist to endorse their  Softsheen Carson Optimum Amla Legend Relaxer, L’oreal has been slapped with a class action lawsuit.

According to TMZ, who first broke the story, the claimants allege that the the product   causes hair loss, breakage, blisters and burns.

L’oreal sold consumers on the idea that the relaxer would be better for the hair because it uses Indian fruit instead of lye. Reviews on Amazon, however, show that on the whole, the product did not live up to its claims.

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The women are suing for 5 million dollars. L’oreal has not yet released a public statement.


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4 years ago

I hope they settle this and take that buring the market!!!!

4 years ago

I don’t doubt for one second that L’Oreal KNEW this product would damage their customers’ hair. There is no way a company would release a product — esp one with a new active ingredient — without testing it first. The question is: was this malicious intent or willful negligence? Either way, these women definitely have a case. I hope they win!

Vero Icone
Vero Icone
4 years ago

#teamnatural ????

ss (short & sweet)
ss (short & sweet)
4 years ago

One assumes risks when chemically altering the hair, whether relaxing, coloring, or whatever.

The same rules apply for those of us with natural hair when purchasing any hair care product — the consumer has a reasonable expectation of safety when they use the product as directed.

These consumers placed their trust in Soft Sheen/L’oreal and were injured. They have the right to sue for damages…

4 years ago

This is a frivolous and ridiculous lawsuit. We have know for decades what perms can do you our hair and scalp. It is mainstream now. Chris Rock even made a movie about it. So if you still put this stuff on your head, then you should deal with the consequences. Yes these companies are taking advantage of your self-hate. Let us put them out of business.

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