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Beauty Blogger Uses Baking Soda and Cucumber to Lighten Hyperpigmented Knees

Baking soda has been touted as a natural beauty remedy for some time, mostly for getting rid of acne spots or in natural hair. But did you know that it works on dark spots on your knees and other areas of your body that have darkened due to dryness and dead skin cells? Beauty vlogger Vela shows us how using cucumber and baking soda, stating that you will see results after one use.
Don’t believe it? Baking soda is a natural exfoliant and also cleanses pores, while cucumbers are a skin brightening agent. There are also other variations of the treatment that use milk, and even honey and lemon to moisturize and lighten rough skin. All you need to do is mix the concoction to form a thick paste and scrub it into your skin using a toothbrush or your fingers for about five minutes, then rinse. With Vela’s method, you rub a cucumber onto your skin afterwards.

This remedy should work anywhere there are rough patches of skin, including the neck and elbows. It should also lighten dark scars.

The process is completely painless, inexpensive, and so simple that it’s definitely worth a try. To increase results, you can also rub rosehip or tamanu oil on the area afterwards – both have claims of regenerating skin (I also oil cleanse and remove makeup with rosehip oil).

Have you used a baking soda concoction on dark spots?

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5 years ago

I will definitely give this a shot.

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