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This Google Chrome Extension Helps You Find Black-Owned Businesses Online

Avatar • Aug 17, 2016

It’s no secret that Buying Black has become more popular.  Many of us are making a concerted effort to buy from small and/or independently-owned black businesses. BGLH frequently features these companies from makeup, to skincare, to handbags, to swimsuits, you name it, we’ve covered it. And we’re not the only ones. Several Black-run blogs have shared curated lists of black businesses we can all support.

Woman standing in front of retail store.

But it isn’t enough. Keeping abreast of all of these lists and finding the company that sells exactly what you need when you need it,  however, can be a bit of challenge.  Thanks to Angelica Coleman’s invention of a BuyBlack Google Chrome Extension, our problems have been solved.

BuyBlack is a Chrome extension that helps online buyers easily shop black-owned businesses. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download and activate the extension Here.
  2. Go to your selected retailer’s website.
  3. Click on the little black fist in the upper right-hand corner. It should look  like so: buy-black-chrome-extention
  4. Shop via the clickable drop-down menu of black-owned alternatives : Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.26.02 PM

In this instance, I used  my favorite spot to buy makeup, Sephora. By clicking on the black fist, I was presented with a number of black-owned cosmetics companies to shop from instead. Genius. And  it’s not surprising that such a genius invention would be created by Coleman who is the Programs and Outreach Director for the Reboot Safety.

Angelica Coleman

Angelica Coleman

Coleman says her reason for creating the extension was simple:

I think over the past 2 years that it’s become so apparent how little things are created with black men and woman in mind, and I was so frustrated with not being able to find  things that were made for me.

Coleman also says it’s especially common in Silicon Valley to hear people say things like,  “Black people aren’t easy to find,  or they aren’t qualified, or that they don’t do great things so they aren’t hired.”

I wanted to remind people that that’s not true and that black people do create things. We’re not invisible in society.

Reboot Safety held a Hackathon 4 weeks ago with a mission  to “to recognize and support the power of every individual’s contribution to safe, prosperous communities.”   To create the Chrome extension, programmers and engineers got together over a 2‑day period period to work on solutions to problems affecting the black community. According to Coleman, some of the issues on the table included police violence, economy, mental health, education, land ownership, housing and lasting wealth.

The Chrome extension will help in tackling issues around the black economy, but it’s only the first step. Reboot Safety is slated to host additional Hackathons in the coming weeks in NYC, Toronto, and Oakland. Reboot Safety is also creating tools so other digital activities can host Hackathons in their cities.

To submit a black-owned company to be added to the Chrome extension listing simply click here.



About Lisa Jean Francois

I'm a Lipstick-obsessed Journalist and Fashion Blogger. You can find me over on my blog or youtube channel swatching lippies and strutting around in 5-inch heels. I'm a also a brand coach, specializing in video marketing and digital brand development. Find me @lisaalamode.

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4 years ago

this is absolutely amazing. added the extension before I even finished reading the article. Continue doing big things Angelica!

4 years ago

Here’s an idea, why not buy from the retailers with the best product and best service at the cheapest price without discrimination?

Atypically Normal
Atypically Normal
4 years ago

Are you new here? You must be.

4 years ago

This is great, I hope Angelica will make an extension for Firefox users too.
— kinkykhick

Milos Mom
Milos Mom
4 years ago

Brilliant. AND the add-on was created by a very cute female black boss/geek!!!! Smart black excellence!

4 years ago

We love this idea! Submitting our business now! ?

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