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[Pics] This Stunning Natural Bride and Her All-Natural Bridal Party are Breaking the Internet

• Jun 15, 2016

If you thought that you have seen the best of beach weddings, you thought wrong. This past weekend, Nakyia and her bridal party walked down the sandy aisle with beautiful afros and puffs in all their glory. Photographs of the stunning ladies have hit social media and are starting to make some serious waves (pun intended). Here are some snapshots from the beautiful destination wedding, which was held in the Dominican Republic.

Husband-to-be captions this one: “My Bride preparing for me.”

Bride captions this one: “Getting ready…” with her maid of honor and matron of honor.
naturally_nakyia 1

The bride with her bridal party. 

She captions this photo: “Don’t drop my baby! Lol!”

The bride and groom exchanging vows. 

The groom captions this photo: “The covenant”.

The newlyweds (right), matron of honor, and husband of the matron of honor.

If this isn’t slaying, then I don’t know what is!

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Claudette UK
Claudette UK
5 years ago

These are the kind of pictures that break the internet! Major slayage. Love the natural.

5 years ago

Wow, they are beautiful…no I take that back, they are gorgeous!!! Wow! Blown away at all the wonderfulness captured in these pictures.

5 years ago

Love seeing natural hairstyles at weddings! #Slay

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