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10 Viral Afrocentric Dance Moves that are Breaking the Internet

• Jun 28, 2016

Of course we’ve all seen the videos of folks doing the #runningmanchallenge, nae nae, whip etc. Now, we’re giving way to the viral videos of afrocentric dance routines that require such skill and technique, it would put anyone doing the #jukeboxtrend to shame.
These dances, which emphasize isolated hip movements find background in contemporary African dances such as Azonto, Shoki, Soukous and Hapingo. The following dancers are putting these moves on the map.

Let’s go! 💪🏿Happy Tuesday lol Song: ‘Tumbolo’ by @Rotimo

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Vibzing to my boys track @yvich. mets moi en haut 🔥🔥🔥

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2 Comments on "10 Viral Afrocentric Dance Moves that are Breaking the Internet"

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Milos Mom

Dang.. Makes me want to hit up my local African dance class. It’s been a while.


Wow! They can MOVE! Excellent!

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