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This is the Black-Owned Lingerie Line Beyonce and Her Dancers Rock on the Formation Tour and You Can Buy It!

• Apr 30, 2016


In the past, black dancers have struggled with their hosiery and undergarments matching their skin tone — coming from a dance background myself, I remember looking at my dance instructor with some side-eye when we were required to wear pink or very light tights for our recitals that didn’t match my skin at all. Today, there is much more variety in dancewear and hosiery and Nubian Skin is one of the trailblazers that allows black women to wear nude garments that are representative of what is nude for us.

Because Nubian Skin is such a unique company, offering lingerie in a number of skin tones for women of color, I was absolutely delighted to hear that Beyoncé and her dancers are rocking Nubian Skin under their bodysuits during the Formation World Tour! Bey and her dancers are wearing the Nubian Skin t‑shirt bra

nubianskin t-shirt bra

and thong in all colors (Cafe Au Lait, Caramel, Cinnamon, and Berry) — the company provided multiple pairs for all dancers for their many performances.

nubian skin thong cara

Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin, wrote about the partnership on their blog here.


BGLH spoke with Ade and she had this to say about the importance of redefining “nude”: “As a company, Nubian Skin’s motto is ‘Empowering Women. Embracing our Colour’. Underwear is the foundation of everything you put on, and having the option to have your own nude, to not even have to think about it, is incredibly empowering, and it’s something most non-brown people never have to think about. I wanted to level that playing field. With regards to Beyoncé and the Formation World Tour, there is an obvious celebration of blackness and you have all these dancers in various shades of brown, so being able to provide a very basic product that enables them to fully express that is a small but wonderful thing.”

Nubian Skin is based in the UK, but is also available online in the USA and Canada. You can also purchase the line in the US at Nordstrom and some other retailers. I think it’s awesome that Beyoncé is also supporting black-owned business while getting in “formation” for those amazing dance routines! Kudos.

Have you tried Nubian Skin lingerie? What do you think about the diversification of “nude”?

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6 years ago

Excellent! “Their“nude always looks ashy on me. I love that we have a true “nude” geared toward us!

Lavinia Lahrese
6 years ago

This is amazing! It’s about time companies make lingerie for women with more melanin! I’m all for it! =D

6 years ago

This company make nude dancewear, they been around for a bit I believe

Ashley Kelly
Ashley Kelly
6 years ago

This is awesome! It’s so hard for black dancers to find quality undies that are the right color for their performances.

Christina J
6 years ago


5 years ago


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