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5 Reasons Why You Won't See Me Rocking Fur Nails

If you didn’t already hear, fur nails showed up on the Libertine runway during the most recent Fashion Week cycle and bloggers and influencers alike have been trying the style on their own.

fur nails

We searched high and low looking for black women sporting this trend, but could only find one of the models from the fashion show rocking the trend. Here are some reasons why I certainly won’t be rocking this trend:
The perfect twist out would be harder to achieve

YouTuber Elenore's Twistout
YouTuber Elenore’s Twistout

It’s already a struggle to twist up all our hair, have it dry in 2.5 hours before we need to be somewhere, AND take it down with causing a frizzy fro – fur nails would make it just tew much.
Fur nails would get caught in our crochet braid install

Crochet braid install by The Fashion Engineer
Crochet braids by The Fashion Engineer

Imagine your latch hook getting caught on one of your fur nail bristles. OUCH.
Massaging our scalps would be difficult if not impossible
Patting weaves is never cute, even for Queen B.

Scalp massages are integral to hair growth and hair health, and getting castor oil all over these fur nails would be disgusting. Without scalp massages, we’d be left with patting our scalps, and patting is never cute, even for Queen B.
Detangling would be a nightmare
Where do you even begin?

Where do we even begin? Our hair already knots right back up despite our finger detangling efforts, and fur would only make the process more difficult.
Eating would become very very weird

I for one immediately thought that these furry nails would make eating wings, fries, ribs, suya, beef patties, and a whole host of other delicious things eaten with your hands quite difficult for black women. Or anyone. But especially us.

Thank God this trend is NOT catching on – I prefer hair on my head not my nails thanks!


How much money would you need to be paid to rock the fur nails look?

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6 years ago

one word: bizarre. It looks bizarre.

JLPT rambles about the topic
JLPT rambles about the topic
6 years ago

He’re some more for your list.

6. They look stupid (sorry)
7. It’s like you’ve turned each one of your fingers into a treasure troll.
8. Forget eating, doing ANYTHING becomes weird/awkward with fur nails;
-Using toiletries
-Blowing your nose
-Putting on makeup
-Doing art
-Got something in your eye? Good luck…
-Doing work
-Digging through a bag
-Putting on gloves
-Washing anything
9. I thought we as a society were trying our damnedest to remove as much hair from undesirable places as possible. This is hilariously counter productive.
10. Nah.

6 years ago

Looks crazy

6 years ago

Why? Just why? Can u imagine the filth and germs that would accumulate in that mess? How do u wash your hands? How would u wipe after toileting? I dont know about you, but NO thank u. Sh*t & pee @ your fingertips are a sure fire way to enhance weight loss! Looks like the grinch

6 years ago

Reason #1 It looks ugly. You have to be in line for your unemployment check to even get away with wearing those. Nobody in a normal work setting can wear those.

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