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[Video] UCLA Gymnast Hits the Quan, Harlem Shakes, Whips and Nae Naes in Incredible Floor Routine

• Feb 9, 2016

The gymnastics world has no shortage of black women slaying the game. From history-making Olympic medalist Dominique Dawes to trailblazing Gabby Douglas, black women have really set things off in the demanding sport. Enter two college gymnasts at UCLA who are updating the form by bringing facets of black culture to the forefront of their routines.

Meet Sophina DeJesus, the gymnast rocking the bold blue box braids who will go down as one of the first gymnasts ever to incorporate the following dance moves in a floor routine:

Harlem Shake

sophina desus harlem shake

Hit the Quan (after a full twist and landing in a split no-less)

sophina dejesus hit the quan ucla gymnast

The Whip

sophina dejesus the whip ucla gymnast

Nae Nae

sophina dejesus nae-nae UCLA gymnast

All of which were packaged in one flawless floor routine. Don’t believe us? Watch below!

Oh and her teammate that made a dab motion after her routine is the equally talented Danusia Francis.

danusia francis ucla dab

and she’s the star of her own routine set to The Weeknd’s “Earned It”.

danusia francis ucla gymnast

Watch Danusia’s routine below!

Slay girls, slay!

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6 years ago

Both routines were a lot of fun to watch but more than that, these girls were bad ASS. The skills on display were mind blowing.…And now I need to hit the gym lol

scribe drizz
scribe drizz
6 years ago


6 years ago

She has amazing talent no doubt!

6 years ago

y r people so impressed with this basic ish?

as a reminder, simone biles is the reigning world champion on floor. pass this video around…this is what’s impressive and should be talked about.

Balderdash Connoisseur
Balderdash Connoisseur
6 years ago

Yasssssssssssss gal.

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