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Jeffrey Campbell is Trying to Reinvent the $5 Beauty Supply Slipper

• Feb 7, 2016

Remember when Urban Outfitters sold old-school hair balls and Murray’s Hair Pomade for a ridiculous price this past summer? Well, shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell is following in those foot steps. This week the company posted this photo and caption on their Instagram page.

FullSizeRender (23)

If I recall, these “Rosebay White House Slippers” look a lot like the $5 slippers that were sold in just about every beauty supply store in urban neighborhoods when I was a teenager. Back then, they weren’t called house slippers, they were called “Chinese Slippers”. Although Jeffrey Campbell didn’t list a price for the slippers yet, I can assure you that with shoes ranging from $150 to over $300, Jeffrey Campbell has no plans on selling these slippers for $5.  In fact, these slippers are actually selling for $1 at flea markets, urban beauty supply stores, and dollar stores today.

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When followers called out the shoe company on trying to make a hefty profit off of something that has already been done, the company responded by saying that these slippers are made with better quality.

FullSizeRender (25)

Unfortunately, no one is here for the idea of the slipper being of “better quality” and to be honest, I’m not here for it either. Sorry Jeffrey Campbell, but you’re about 15 years too late.

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Ladies, what are your thoughts on Jeffrey Campbell’s slippers?

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6 Comments on "Jeffrey Campbell is Trying to Reinvent the $5 Beauty Supply Slipper"

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Lmbo, why is the pairing in this entire ensemble “Neighborhood Beauty Supply”?

Those bloomers and the slippers, all they are missing is an old bonnet.


Lmao this is ridiculous. This can’t be real, can it? I can’t keep up with millenials smh.


Omg I had these, my grandma had these, my mom had these, my cousins had these and he thinks this is “new” ?? lmao


Chinese Slippers LAST FOREVER! Me and all my high school friends had a pair one in every color!
What’s next butterfly clips sold for $50 a pop!


I always wanted butterfly clips but my mom never bought them. Lol.

Animated Moi

Sigh they are always a day late and a dollar short… and don’t forget mediocre copycats…

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