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9 Times Amber Riley Flossed Her Natural Hair Adorably on Instagram

• Feb 15, 2016

You might know Amber Riley as a star of Glee, or the season 17 (and only black woman) winner of Dancing with the Stars or as Addaperle The Good Witch of the North in the record-breaking The Wiz Live! on NBC. What you might now know is she is a naturlista who frequently gives her Instagram followers an inside look at her hair journey. Her are 9 times Amber Riley flossed her natural hair adorably on Instagram.

When she did half up and half down.


When she gave us a post-gym selfie.

Photo caption: Hair battle yesterday. I lost and it only got worse after my workout! Oh well!


When she gave us a wash day selfie

Photo caption: Wash day oh no…


When she loved her skin

Photo caption: “But your skin’s the inspiration for cocoa butter…”


When she did a puff and embraced her black girl magic

Photo caption: I used to pray for straight hair and blue eyes. Now I’m like wtf was I thinking?!? That’s beautiful too, but it just ain’t ME! Lol These brown eyes and naps are IT #blackgirlmagic
@missdrini look at my brows!!! They’re better I did good? Yes? 


When she shared her second-day hair struggle

Photo caption: It took me 20min to get my hair in a proper top knot I’m not taking it down for bed. I have to at least get two days of wear out of this lol goodnight #naturalhairproblems #carpaltunnel


When she gave us a pink lip.

Photo caption: Gonna go get in some trouble w/ @charmladonna


When she loved her bare-face beauty

Photo caption: I’ve been sick so I’ve been MIA Instagram. Here is a pic of my puffy face and tired eyes. NYC got the best of me lol but I’m still happy to be here working ? took my weave out and rocking my natural curls. Sometimes you have to just strip down all the extras and take a look at yourself bare and say I AM BEAUTIFUL! I chopped it earlier this year and my natural hair journey has been rough, but I am embracing it and even the shrinkage. I love changing my look every now and again. And turning the big 3–0 (I know I still look 12, I’m aware!) has put me in such a contemplative state when it comes to me loving and learning who I am now. But enough of rambling! Hope you guys had a great week! #notesfrommyjournal


When she gave us full fro.

Photo caption: Fro-Tastic! Stripped down, no hair and no makeup, just me and I’m lovin it! #lovethyselfie @msashleymriley wake up and do my hair. Thanks lol


Slay on Amber! Slay on!
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5 years ago

Her beautiful spirit shines through her equally beautiful Black features.

I love being a brown girl, wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 years ago

I loved every minute of this.

Staci Elle
5 years ago

Im always here for Amber Riley… shes everything.

5 years ago

5 years ago

This is so great and Bless Sister Amber Riley.

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