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5 Ways To Rock a Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knot outs are a classic in the natural hair community, but there are many ways to take it to the next level. Check out my top 6 ways to rock a bantu knot out.

OG Knot Out
@Chocolateblackdoll shows us how to rely on the magic of a well set bantu knot. Check out those poppin’ curls!

bantu knot out chocolateblackdoll

Tips: If your intention is to minimize frizz, you never want to unravel a bantu knot when your hair is slightly damp.

Up and Away
Up do’s are a mainstay in my hairstyle arsenal and @Miyamarch is killin’ it with this bantu knot out- up do.

bantu knot out miyamarch

Tip: Use hair combs to reinforce the ponytail and keep your edges sleek.

Cute and Cropped
I love, love, love the cropped, curly hair looked. It is so chic, and @MissKendrak here is doing this style all the justice it deserves!

bantu knot out

Tips: Use a styler to keep the curls tight for a while.

Big and Fluffy
Sometimes you just want big hair! @Callmedr.b rocks a bantu knot out that has little curl definition and HUGE style.

bantu knot out callmedr.b

Tip: A fluffy bantu knot out works well on 3 day bantu-knot out hair.

Curly Crown
I personally adore tapered styles and this one is not an exception. @Timasamad chooses to bantu knot outs her crown for this chic look.

bantu knot out timasamad

Tip: Use your favorite styling product to maintain the bantu-knot out.

What’s your favorite way to rock a bantu knot out?

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