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The Best Oil Products to Use on Flat Ironed Hair

Although I’ve talked about using moisturizers on my flat ironed hair before, oils are still my go to. There’s a lot less risk involved and there’s no “setting” of the hair required. Perfect for using on the go or if your scalp is driving you nuts! Last time I flat ironed my hair (which honestly, isn’t often) I kept it straight for a QFTPC record breaking three and a half weeks, and it wasn’t even crazy frizzy when I finally washed my hair. I even felt like I could have gone longer but a) my hair HAD to be all kinds of dirty at that point and b) I wanted to bleach my hair and figured the best time to do it would be when my hair was coated in oils. And may I note, bomb oils. Here are some of my faves:


  • Tamanu Oil: I originally got tamanu oil due to praise of reducing scars, but recently starting using it on my hair. One day I felt like my flat ironed hair was getting tangled (I seriously left my hair straight for so long that I totally had new growth, lol) and I didn’t want to rip my hair out combing it. I applied some tamanu oil and voila! My comb was gliding through my mane with no worries. It also made my hair soft and silky if I applied it to my roots overnight then slept with my satin scarf on. It’s kind of on the expensive side, but a little goes a long way.


  • Deep Steep Dry Body Oil: If you’re more into drier and “sheerer” oils that aren’t heavy, this spray is definitely for you. Unlike a lot of oil “sprays” it doesn’t squirt out in a stream, so no need to apply with your hair. Just spray, smooth, and go. It helped me tame frizzies and leave my flat ironed hair smooth. The scent I have (Passion Fruit Guava) smells amazing, so it’s like perfume for your hair, which is great when you haven’t washed it in a couple of weeks and work out often. No musty hair over here!


  • Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum: Emtage has been a favorite of mine for some years now, whether it’s using it to actually flat iron my hair or after the fact. The broccoli oil in it basically mimics a silicone, so it’s a great product to use when you want to smooth your ends, which is often an issue with flat ironing natural hair. Alone, broccoli oil smells kind of funky to me, but Emtage smells herbal and the scent isn’t strong at all.


  • Evening Primrose Oil: This is another oil that I started using on my skin and has migrated over to multifunctional. It apparently nourishes your scalp and some even say it’s beneficial for fighting hair loss. Not to mention, making hair oh so shiny and nice! While I was rocking my straight hair, I’d put some under my eyes at night, then apply a bit more to my hair before putting it in a bun. It didn’t weigh down my hair at all, so it really prevented that heavy, oily, flat hair look. I also use this one on my ends often when I do a wash and go or the L.O.G. (leave-in, oil, gel) method.

What are your favorite oils for flat ironed hair?

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