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5 Red and Auburn Dyes that are Safe and Beautiful on My Natural Hair

• Jan 19, 2016

The temperatures have dropped and winter is in full force. The change of seasons is a time for women to update their summery hair color to darker, richer shades that remind us of sitting in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. There are a TON of red and auburn shades available, but I wanted to share some of the prettiest ones I’ve found. Please note, I have not tried all of these shades, but I have used all of the formulas without damaging my hair. Also, remember that most of these are semi-permanent, so they will mix with the current shade of your hair to get the result. If you have dark brown hair, I imagine they’d leave a red tint, but won’t be as vibrant.

pravana red

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Red: When it comes to salon color, Pravana is one of the best. The color is gentle and probably one of the most moisturizing color formulations I’ve used. Plus, there’s no need to mix it with developer and it contains amino acids and keratin to help keep hair healthy. This red is the perfect shade if you want to go bolder without it looking clownish.

ion color salmon

Ion Color Brilliance in Salmon: I know, you’re looking at this shade like, “Excuse me, what? That is not red!” But hear me out. I actually used this color and with my medium brown hair, it actually came out a pretty auburn/reddish hue. It actually lasted a couple of months as well with washing and conditioning about twice a week. Out of semis to get at Sally, the Ion Color Brilliances are my favorite. The only problem is that every time I see them I want to bleach my hair so I can get the true color on the box.

wella red terra cotta

Wella Color Charm Permanent in Red Terra Cotta: I didn’t use this particular shade (I think I used Praline on my hair), but to me, it screams fall while being office-friendly if you don’t want a color that is too bright. Be careful to not use a developer that is too strong though, or you may alter your curl pattern or cause breakage and dryness. When I dye my hair, I usually use a 20 developer, maybe 30 if I’m feeling a bit adventurous.

garnier olia garnet

Garnier Olia in Dark Garnet Red: If you want a permanent shade but don’t want to deal with the anxiety of mixing the developer and color yourself, try this dark cherry red shade by Garnier. The formula doesn’t contain ammonia (which I find very drying to my hair) and includes an oil blend that makes the color a bit more gentle. I think this one is good for women with darker hair because it should show up without a heavy lift to your natural color.

manic panic vampire red

Manic Panic Vampire Red: Manic Panic is an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve used this dye since I was in middle school, and it’s great for color novices or those concerned about damage. The color is vegan, and even gentle enough to use on your dog (speaking from personal experience!). I used Vampire Red a few times when I had a relaxer, and it yields a dark, rich red. It’s more of a cool tone though, so be wary of you’re looking for a warm tone (my dad nicknamed me “Vamp” when I used this one…).

What are your favorite hair dyes for fall tones?

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6 years ago

I use Loreal Hicolor but you do have to mix that with developer. It nice that I don’t have to bleach before hand and my hair will still be lifted multiple levels.

6 years ago

No thanks.…but looking good Elle.

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