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7 Sultry Natural Hairstyles to Ring in the New Year

The new year is around the corner, and you and your babe are planning a hot (or romantic) night out.  If you’re at a loss about what to do with your hair, no need to worry any longer.  Here are seven sultry hairstyles to ring in 2016 with your significant other!

1. Satin Roller Set

This bouncy, romantic look is sure to have your babe’s jaw drop.  Ideally, you want to start on previously straightened hair.  However, you can for more volume and texture by beginning on stretched, air dried hair.


PRODUCTS: Curls-R-Us Moisturizing Lotion, hair serum
TOOLS: rattail comb, satin roller, clips, brush

2. Perm Rod Set

How about wearing this sultry, curly ‘do to ring in the new year with your darling?  Start on hair that has been stretched via African threading or rollers.  Alternatively, you can blow dry your hair first.

andria childress

PRODUCTS: Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner, Curls Cream Brule, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
TOOLS: perm rods (purple), hair pick, wide-tooth comb, rattail comb

3. Half up Half Down (on Short Hair)

If you want to shock bae, try switching up your length with this look.  The clip ins are really easy to install; you can go with this Kinky Coarse Glam Set or another brand.  Also, if you want a more “natural” look, opt for textured clip ins.

Jessica Pettway

TOOLS: hair clips, Kinky Coarse 20-in Glam Set Clip ins, brush, Snap Off Hair Tie™ Licorice

4. Jumbo Twisted Updo (Janelle Monae Inspired)

For those want to exude Janelle Monae’s sultry vibe, this jumbo twisted updo may be the one.  You will only need one product — your favorite edge control or gel.

JC Love Beauty

PRODUCTS: Eco Styler Gel
TOOLS: brush, wide-tooth comb, bobby pins, hair pins, tooth brush

5. Bantu Knots Out (on Tapered Cut)

Here is another sexy style from our very own, Lisa Jean Francois.  This bantu knot out is fairly simple and very beautiful on a tapered cut.

lisa ala mode _

PRODUCTS: mousse
TOOLS: wide-tooth comb, elastic hair tie

6. Sculptural Updo

This sculptural updo will have you looking like the “ultimate woman” at your baby’s side.  Start on hair that has been stretched via twists or braids.

Nik Scott

PRODUCTS: water, edge control
TOOLS: boar bristle brush, elastic hair tie, bobby pins

7. Wash-n-Go Side Puff Updo

Finally, you can never go wrong with a naturally sultry wash-n-go sideswept style.  Just fluff out your natural coils or curls and pin away.


TOOLS: bobby pins

Will you try any of these styles for the festivities?

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6 years ago

All beautiful.

6 years ago
Reply to  Guest

Especially number 2 ?

6 years ago


Christina Guillot
Christina Guillot
6 years ago

I really wanna try a perm rod set 🙂 I hope it comes out as good as hers!

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