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5 Gorgeous Heatless Styles for 4C Natural Hair

4c heatless

One thing I like about this time of year is that humidity — and thus reversion and shrinkage — is less of a consideration when it comes to styling 4C hair.  As a result, heatless styles that take time to achieve can last for more than five minutes!

1. Coily Corkscrew Curls Set

This beautiful style does not require heat at all because you have the option of air drying. Two important steps to creating the level of smoothness and definition seen in the video are to:

1) use a product that imparts adequate smoothness and shine and

2) coil each section from the ends to the root onto the perm rod.


Products used: Natural Oasis (Setting/Cleansing Lotion Tea Bags, Honey Creme Liquid Balm, and Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid Balm)
Tools required: rattail comb, clip, perm rods (white), wide-tooth comb

2. Heatless Wand Curls

For this gorgeous heatless style, flexi rods are used in combination with a special curling technique to create wand-like curls.  It is key to start on dry, stretched hair to make the smoothing process easier.


Products used: water, Jane Carter Wrap & Roll Foaming Mousse, SHEATERRA Hair Repair Herbal Butter, Tgin Twist & Define Cream, Alikay Naturals Aloe-Berry Styling Gel
Tools required: flexi rods (gray and purple), elastic hair tie, clips

3. Fluffy Curl Set

To achieve this fluffy curl set, start on hair that has been stretched via African threading.  Then follow up with any butters or oils, if necessary, prior to setting on perm rods.  Just like for the first style above, coiling the hair as you go is key.

Praise ONaturals

Products used: whipped shea butter
Tools required: perm rods (green), wide-tooth comb, clips

4. Twist and Curl

This gorgeous style is also started on dry, stretched hair.  The back hair is braided upwards while the front is curled with flexi rods.

Charnel Grey

Products used: Cantu Shea Butter Curling Cream, Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Tools required: rattail comb, flexi rods (yellow), bobby pins

5. Heatless Huge Afro

Last, but not least, is the beautiful heatless stretched afro.  For this look, you won’t need a blow dryer at all.  Rather, start off from an old twist out or braid out, then finger detangle, and then brush and pick gently.  View the fun video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

leazz way 2

Tools required: paddle brush, pick

Have you tried any of these heatless styles?

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Elle P.
Elle P.
6 years ago

Gorgeous selection of styles! I may try the number 4 for a holiday party this weekend…only, I don’t think I am apt at braiding the back up…

Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee
6 years ago

Pretty hair everywhere 🙂

6 years ago

All of these women look great!

Sabrina black
Sabrina black
6 years ago

Good hair everywhere? It’s beautiful.

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