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3 Ways to Get Out of Your Hair Growth Plateau in 2016

• Dec 23, 2015


It is that time of year when some of us make hair care resolutions for the next year.  “This year, I will reach waistlength.”  “This year, I will retain all of my growth.” Or … “This year, I will break out of this APL slump.”  In this article, we’ll focus particularly on ways to break out of your hair length plateau in 2016.

1. Think back to a time when your hair was retaining length

What did you do differently? Did you protective style more? use heat less? deep condition more? Sometimes, the culprit to lost length is that you changed a routine that was actually working well for you.  On the other hand, what if you are losing length but you haven’t altered anything in your hair care regimen. Well, in this case, the problem could be that something has to change.  Maybe, now you need to add a pre-poo step or switch to wearing buns instead of braids.  Whichever the case — whether you need to go back to what was working or to change what no longer works — take a moment to think back to a time when your hair was retaining length, and go from there.

2. Become a product minimalist

When using a ton of products simultaneously, it can be difficult to pinpoint what works on your hair and what does not.  Additionally, the amount of products you actually use may be an indication of how much you bother your hair; well, that is the case for me, at least.  (The times that my hair suffered the most were times when I used too many products.  Remember, keep is simple!)  I know we all have our moments when we succumb to product junkism, but when your hair length hits a plateau, it may be time to become a product minimalist.  If you are ready to make that transition, start by narrowing down your shampoo/cleanser since it will be the foundation for all your remaining products.  Then follow up with one or two staple conditioners.  Next follow up with a moisturizer and so on.

3. Study your “hair siblings” and their regimen on YouTube

Last year, “hair siblings” were discussed in relation to reaching waist length hair goals; today, it makes sense to discuss them again in relation to exiting a plateau.  To recap, hair siblings are naturals with whom you share at least three of the following hair characteristics: type, texture, density, and porosity.  Now, one beautiful thing about YouTube is that you can get a realistic view of a natural’s hair in all stages (i.e., wet, dry, stretched, etc.).  So, find your hair siblings, check out their channels, and study their regimens.  This leads to another benefit of YouTube; you can watch tutorials in which your hair sibling demonstrates her actual regimen.  From there, you can determine what you need to adjust in your own routine.

How are you breaking out of your hair length plateau this 2016?

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6 years ago

Bee Pollen and aloe Vera is great for the hair. I got mine from

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Christine Alexis
Christine Alexis
6 years ago

I used to flatiron my hair twice a month yikes!! This New Year I’ll cut way back and do more protective styles. I’m using wild growth hair oil and taking manetabolism plus vitamins from The Mane Choice. I might even try a natural hair wig.

6 years ago

For 2016 I’m going back to protective styles. My first year returning natural, I wore crochet braids and my second year I stopped and wore my hair out because I had so much growth. I’m going back because I did not retain length this past year like I did before.

5 years ago

I’m proudly keeping a tapered twa and loving it! And see where it takes me. I’m used to having a style and changin it as it grows. I do one permanent colour for the year and use semi permanent when I feel to joodge it up. Sometimes I have braids on top with shaved sides. This time last year I had locks. 2016 will be maintain moisture with coconut oil baggy method, and embrace my hair at the length it’s at!

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