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3 Bold Glittery Trends to Upgrade Your New Year’s Eve Look

• Dec 28, 2015

Hard to believe it’s time to usher in a new year. 2015 went by fast! Since we’re here we might as well go out with a shiny, shimmery bang…or bun! Here are a few looks that will be sure to take your New Year’s Eve look up a couple of notches.

Glitter Rootsglitter roots on natural hair curly hair

This is probably one of the most popular trends to emerge out of Tumblr/Instagram since unicorn hair. Typically seen rocked with straight hair, YouTuber Offbeatlook shows us the same glittery look can be achieved on natural curly hair as well.

The Faux Marley Hair Confetti Bun

confetti natural hair marley hair bun

Now, if adding glitter to your hair seems a bit too much like a commitment for a night, try out Naptural85’s festive take on the bun. She uses confetti instead of glitter and instead of showering her hair with the decorative pieces, she opts to protect her hair with a few strands of marley hair.

Glitter Brows

glitter brows dark skin

Now these brows are not for anything less than BOLD. If you really want to go into 2016 with a big in your-face bang, follow this tutorial for a mermaid style ombre brow. I suggest keeping the make-up to a minimum here. Anything too dramatic could take you from glam to…SPAM. (no shade to SPAM but it rhymed.)

Think you’ll try out any of these looks for New Year’s Eve?

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Camille Johnson
Camille Johnson
6 years ago

Ayy thanks for the shout-out! I love the blog and have found so many interesting articles on here. Keep it up! 🙂

6 years ago

Haha! NP! You’ve got a new subscriber in this gal!

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