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10 Gorgeous and Creative Box Braid Pictorials

• Dec 18, 2015

With the cold season being here, many naturals are turning to box braids for protective styling.  That being said, it is really easy to get into a styling rut when wearing braids for two to three months straight.  Well, that is until now; here are ten of the most stunning box braid pictorials to inspire you.

Let’s start with Revele-toi and her gorgeous knotted style.  For this look, all you will need is an elastic hair tie.

revele-toi 2

Achieving the perfect bun can be a bit of a challenge on long box braids.  However, if you follow Mercredie’s pictorial, it becomes easy peasy.

mercredie 4

Po0paite is the creator of this next elegant updo.  Though the look is done on twist extensions, it can be modified for box braids.


Bonzenga shows you how to achieve this beautiful braided updo on box braids. You don’t even need bobby pins for this look.

bonzenga - braids

Here is another pictorial by Bonzenga.  Just roll and tuck to achieve this updo.


If you want an edgy style, follow this pictorial by Lautrice K.  Braid your hair from the nape of your neck to the front and finish off with a stylish hairband.


Here is another look by Mercredie to try on your box braids.  This style is especially great for hiding aging edges.


Mercredie has yet another pictorial for a stunning box braid style.  This one is on the chic side and requires a bobby pin or two.

mercredie 2

If you are digging the half-up-half-down styles, here is another one by Kurly Ken.  Just knot the front repeatedly until you reach the ends.  Then pin down the hair to secure.

Kurly Ken

Here is a final half-up-half-down style that incorporates a sculpted bow.  Jessica shows you how to easily achieve the look with just an elastic hairtie.


Which style is your favorite?

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6 years ago

All of these are nice. My hair just can’t handle braids anymore. Follices too sensitive.

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