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10 Beautiful 4C Natural Hairstyles for the Fall

• Nov 17, 2015

This fall season is all about goddess braids, curly sets, and sculptural updos for my 4c naturals!  Here are ten video tutorials for ten such looks.

1. Goddess Braid

I cannot talk about the goddess braid enough. This look is such an easy, fail-safe option. It can also be done on almost any length of hair and worn for days to weeks at a time.  If you want a staple style this fall, the goddess braid may just be it.

Ebony Evonne

Products used: Gel
Tools required: Rattail comb (for parting), bobby pins, toothbrush

2. Bantu Knots with Extensions

Bantu knots are another easy-to-do look for the fall, especially for a party or other fun event.  You can use your natural length and density or play up the volume with matching hair extensions as in the following video tutorial.

cynthykay obi

Products used: Dax hair grease, Sulfur8 Creme, castor oil, Eco Styler Gel
Tools required: Rattail comb (for parting), toothbrush (edges), Marley braid hair, scissors

3. Flexi Rod Set

One thing I love about this season is the ability to do curly sets like the following without the worry of humidity killing your style. There is no need to stay in protective styles 24–7 this fall when you have options like this flexi rod set. If you are going to a holiday event, in particular, this look is a definite win.

Nyla Helene

Products used: Lottabody Setting Lotion, Eco Styler Gel
Tools required: Flexi rods, clips

4. Mohawk Updo

Here is a quick and easy mohawk updo by our very own Klassy Kinks.  What I love about this look is that it can be worn almost anywhere, such as the school, the office, a conference, or a party.  What’s more?  No additional products (I repeat, “no additional products”) are required to create this style.

Klassy Kinks

Tools required: Elastic hairband, bobby pins (tons of them)

5. Faux Bun (on a TWA!)

If you were rocking a TWA all summer and want to change up your look entirely, perhaps this faux bun is what you need.  Creating this style consists of sculpting your hair with a lot of product rather than pulling at your tresses and edges.  In other words, your hairline experiences less tension than you would think with this technique.

Freedom Styles

Products used: Organic coconut oil, Eco Styler with Olive Oil, Gliss Hair Repair Daily Oil
Tools required: Brush, toothbrush, satin scarf, Afro kinky braid hair, elastic hair tie, bobby pins

6. Roll, Tuck, and Pin Updo

Here is another quick and easy updo for you ladies this fall.  You literally only need to roll, tuck, and pin a few times.  Create this style on hair that has been stretched via a blow out, threading, roller set, twists, or braids.

Luv Mika87

Products used: Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Oil, Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey
Tools required: Clips, elastic hairband, bobby pins

7. Dry Twist and Curl

Here is another curly look that you can resurrect now that the humid summer is gone. Just twist your hair (with the appropriate product) and set on perm rods overnight. Remove the rods the next morning, separate your curls, fluff, and voila!


Products used: SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Better Body Organic Coconut Oil
Tools required: Perm rods (pink)

8. Flower & Fishtail Bun

If you cannot get enough of these sculptural updos, here is another one for you.  This look can be worn as a staple style this season or to a special event.  Be sure to stretch your hair first via threading, roller setting, or any other method that you prefer.

Pure Estrogen

Tools required: Wide-tooth comb, hair clip, African thread, bobby pins

9. Fringe and Fishtail

This “fringe and fishtail” look is another option for the fall, especially for a natural who wants to tuck her ends away.  If at first you don’t succeed at creating this style, try again!  Nenonatural shows her honest first and second attempts in this video.


Products used: Queen of Kinks, Curls & Coils Boxed Set
Tools required: Sponge comb, bobby pins, brush, elastic hair tie

10. Two Pinned Flat Twists

Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with two simple flat twists, which can be worn for a few days or a week at a time.  (Also, there is a bonus fresh-faced makeup tutorial at the end of the video to glam up the look.)

Rosemary Godwin - Ese

Products used: Water, shea butter
Tools required: Bobby pins, rattail comb (for parting and smoothing edges), satin scarf

For my 4c ladies, what style(s) will you wear this fall?

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Sabrina black
Sabrina black
6 years ago

I would definitely wear the Flexi rods. The Bantu knots and goddess braid is so cute!

6 years ago

Nice! Thanks for posting.

6 years ago

Beautiful hair styles!

6 years ago

currently rocking the bun with marly hair added. lovin it!

6 years ago

lots of awesome styles. I’d say the twa faux bun blew my mind the most. that’s innovation right there.

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