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#BeingBlackisPrettyEnough Tackles Anti-Blackness and Fetishization of Non-Black Women

Just recently we covered Franchesca Ramsey’s video on how the outright fetishization of biracial children is problematic. However, these attitudes and similar that are drenched in the aesthetic of anti-blackness still manage to show up on timelines. The #BeingBlackisPrettyEnough hashtag was created by twitter user @XLNB in response to a tweet by another user that fetishized biracial children; specifically that of black men and non-black women:


Here’s the rest of the inciteful dialog by @XNLB that sparked the #BeingBlackisPrettyEnough trending hash tag below:

Not long after the conversation went viral, many black women took to twitter to share their photos and stories of self acceptance, struggle and body positivity under the #BeingBlackisPrettyEnough hashtag.

Share your thoughts below on the #BeingBlackisPrettyEnough tag!

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6 years ago

So glad that so many people are standing up to this pervasive self-hating mindset.

6 years ago
Reply to  Guest

yet I’m looking for the founder of the #beingblackisprettyenough hashtag and twitter says his account has been suspended. I wonder if it’s because of the movement he started. It’s a shame when black people try to unite under a common goal of self love and acceptance only to be derailed. I won’t be surprised if some who reported his account in the first place were black. As i like to people are our own worse enemies. I don’t know why it’s so hard for us to unite for the betterment of our race. When there’s one or a few… Read more »

6 years ago


Am I the only one tired of playing the olympics to be number one in the male gaze?

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