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5 Gorgeous Natural Hair Updos That Can Be Done in 7 Minutes or Less

• Nov 30, 2015

These 5 updo tutorials will have you looking like you spent hours styling your hair, when you really only spent  7 minutes or less.

7 Minute Twist and Tuck 

FullSizeRender (6)

BeautiFroHair created this intricate looking updo in just 7 minutes. She started off by parting her bangs, making sure she had enough hair to create volume since her hair is fine. Next, she created two loose, jumbo flat twists on both sides of her head. Then she pinned and tucked the twists into each other to hide the ends of her hair. After shaping her hair to her liking, she then makes two large, loose twists with her bang area. After twisting, she loops and secures the hair with bobby pins. This style reminds me of something lady Billie Holiday would wear!

2 Minute Halo Updo

FullSizeRender (7)

ImShineStruck created her halo updo on stretched natural hair. She started off the style by parting her hair towards her ear and flat twisting using a rope like motion. She keeps twisting around the front of her head until she gets to the back. She continues the twist until she reaches the front of her head, pinning the end where she started.

3 Minute Bun and Bang


J’adoreMyCurls created this style by brushing all of her head to the front of head with Eco Styler gel and a boar bristle brush. Next, she took a hair tie and wrapped it around her hair to create a looped bun. She made sure to leave out some hair in the front for a bang. Finally, she used bobby pins to form the bun and create the style.

3 Minute Twist and Pompadour


Kyss My Hair began this style by creating a semi-circle part in the front of her head. Below that part, she created another part and brushed the section into a pony tail. Next, she created a French roll in the back of her head and pinned it down. She then divided the front of her hair into two sections and took the hair from the middle section and twisted her hair forward. After pinning the hair down, she twisted the rest of her hair toward her face and pinned it down as well.

2 Minute Wind Blown Updo


Naptural85 gathered the hair at the back of her head into a high pony tail and clipped the front of her hair away for later. Next, she created a pony tail halfway, turning it into a messy bun. After sticking both of her thumbs through the middle of the bun, she pulled the bun forward and tucked the loose hairs in place. Next, she takes the hair in the front of her head and gives it a quick twirl, bringing it up towards the bun, and pinning the hair in place. She then grabs the top of the front bangs, pulls them up and over towards the bun, and attaches them with bobby pins.


Gorgeous! Ladies, which style is your favorite? Which would you try?


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6 years ago

I’ve been doing the third one on my daughter since her hair was long enough for a topknot. It’s gorgeous.

6 years ago

except for the first one, all of them look like you need your hair blown out, or stretched.….. which takes hours, or even days.…
but i want an updo now on my unstretched hair!

FeeFee Braids
6 years ago
Reply to  ebaiden

unless your hair is type 4a or looser, or at least 30 inches unstretched.…not gonna happen

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