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4 Faux Low Buns That Will Protect Your Hair This Fall

• Nov 3, 2015

Faux buns are an effortless way to look chic without too much fuss. Not only are they a get up and go hair style, they also keep the ends of your hair protected while saving you some time getting ready in the morning. Here are 4 low faux bun tutorials that you can recreate this fall:

Flat Twist Bun


This flat twist bun by Andria Childress was created by sectioning the hair off into three sections. The back of her head was put into a ponytail and the sides of her head were flat twisted. The left side was significantly larger than the right side, creating a swoop look. Next, she takes about a pack and a half of Marley braiding hair and twists the hair in four sections before she wraps it around her smaller bun. Finally, she wraps the Marley hair around her bun, making sure that each twist gets wrapped in the opposite direction.

Low Knot


This very natural looking low knot by Sarah Danielle is simple. She started off on freshly washed hair then detangled with a wide tooth comb. Then she smoothed her hair down with gel and a boar bristle brush before she gathered it into a low ponytail. Next she put her hair into a small bun and placed a scarf over her head to set. Finally, she wrapped Marley braiding hair around her bun (no twisting) and secured with bobby pins.


Messy Bun

FullSizeRender (23)

If you have short hair then this faux bun tutorial by NaturallyNellzy is for you! She starts off with stretched hair and dampens it before she applies her Eco Argan Oil gel to smooth down her hair. Next, she brushes her hair with a boar bristle brush. Her trick was creating two ponytails while brushing and smoothing her hair down. She then connects the front ponytail to the back of her head and continued to brush and smooth the hair down. Finally, she ties a scarf on her head for 15 minutes before she applies the Marley braiding hair. She wraps the hair and creates a cute messy bun.


Twisted Side Bun

FullSizeRender (24)

Want a little more detail in your bun?  then this tutorial by Monde4u may be up your alley. She started the style off by parting the front and back of her head. Then she brushed her hair in the back to one side and created a small bun. Next, she takes a half pack of Kanekalon braiding hair and flat twists the hair into her own hair. She then wraps the twist around her bun and secures it with bobby pins. Very little hair was used to create this look, which is always a plus!

Will you protective style with a faux low bun this fall?

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