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Beautiful and Talented, These 16-Year-Old Singers Will Blow You Away


Poised, talented, gorgeous, natural, so many words came to mind when we think of Hanna LaShay and Ravyn Lenae, two incredible young women who are redefining what it means to be sixteen.

Hanna LaShay

You might recognize this stunning beauty from the viral #slomocurls movement she inadvertently started.

The Texas-based beauty has modeled for Austin Fashion Week and has appeared in commercials for Microsoft, Shea Moisture and Chevy. But even more striking than her beauty is her voice. She has performed at The Austin Jazz Festival, South by Southwest, the 96.3 RNB Soul Lounge and the KAZI 88.7 Summerfest.

Listen to her hauntingly beautiful cover of Willow Smith’s Female Energy.

And Jeremy Passion’s Lemonade.

Active on both Instagram and Tumblr, the self-described ‘Sunflower Goddess’ often shares images of her carefree style.


Ravyn Lenae

This transcendent teen is burning up the Chicago music scene with an airy voice and songwriting skills way beyond her years. Listen to her song Greetings, off her debut EP Moon Shoes and try to remind yourself that a 16-year-old wrote this.

The mellow and ethereal Venezuela Trains is the perfect reflective jam.

YAAS Child!

Ravyn is currently a sophomore at Chicago High School for The Arts studying vocal performance. In an interview with Rehab Online Ravyn, who has received classical voice training since 11, explains how she got into music and her approach to writing.

I began singing in middle school, shortly after I began taking piano and guitar lessons. I began writing my own music about two years ago. I initially wrote poetry and decided to set them to music… The concepts behind my music are usually hidden, due to the fact that I’d rather the audience pay close attention to the lyrics and develop their own interpretation of my music… I’m never really inspired by music I hear. I like to read, listen to strangers’ conversations on the train, study body language, and observe the simplest of things. Using non-musical subjects gives me a chance to challenge my creativity. Whereas, pulling ideas from music I hear is doing the work for me.


Ravyn’s Instagram account is an artistic scrapbook of her life as she ascends the music industry, gathering acclaim and comparisons to Jhene Aiko and SZA.

The Black Girl Magic is strong with these two and we are so proud. What do you think of these ladies? And who else should be on our radar?

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6 years ago

I imagine one day when I have a little princess, that she will be a beautifully natural queen like these young ladies….but with less Internet publicity, the world is too scary.

I love this upcoming flock of young strong black women. We black millenials are becoming as free as we should be.

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