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5 Versatile Ways to Style a Top Knot on Natural Hair

• Oct 19, 2015

The top knot – a natural gal’s go to hair style when she doesn’t have time for much else. It’s a simple hair style that makes any outfit look chic. Throw on a bold lip and some chunky jewelry and you’re all set for lunch or date night. While top knots may seem straightforward, they can be quite versatile. There’s more than one way to style them and there’s a top knot for everyone. Here are 5 versatile ways to wear a top knot.

Classic Knot

FullSizeRender (3)

This classic top knot bun on FacesbyStacye is simple, but adorable. She started with freshly washed and air dried hair before putting all of her hair into a high pony tail. Next, she used a hair donut to shape and mold her bun. As she styled her hair around the bun, she didn’t just create the usual donut bun. Instead, she wrapped her hair around the donut by twisting and tucking. Finally, she secured the bun with bobby pins and fluffed for a messy and carefree look.


Half Up, Half Down Knot

FullSizeRender (4)

If you can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down, do both! Nik Scott’s tutorial on the half up, half down top knot is great if you have an old wash n go or twist out that doesn’t look too hot anymore. This style was created from a 5 day old wash n go. Nik Scott finger parted a section of hair in the top crown area of her head near her sideburns. Next, she dampens her edges with water and a sculpting wax. Then she puts her hair into a pony tail using a boar bristle brush. Lastly, she divides her pony tail into two sections and wrapped each section around itself to create an effortless look.


Faux Top Knot on Short Hair

FullSizeRender (5)

Ambi Ell created this knot with Marley Braiding Hair. She sectioned her hair into 3 sections, two in the back and one in the front. Next, she detangled her hair with water, put Eco Styler gel on the back section of her hair, and brushed her hair up into a pony tail. Then, she repeats the process in the front section of her head and combines the back pony tail with the front of her head. Next, she takes 10 strands of Marley hair and wraps it around her bun, making sure she doesn’t make it too small so that the braiding hair covers her natural hair. She secures the bun with a hair tie and wraps a scarf around her edges.

The Real Faux Knot

FullSizeRender (6)

This top knot is also for short natural hair, but instead of askpRoy using added hair for her knot, she creates an illusion. First, she starts with stretched hair and sprays it with water. Then, she moisturizes and slicks back her edges. Next, she uses an elastic headband to create a puff. Then, she uses a second headband and folds it over her puff, pinning and tucking her hair around the two bands. This tutorial is perfect for those who want a knot, but are faux hair challenged.


Double Top Knot

FullSizeRender (7)

These double top knots by Ambrosia Malbrough is really fun and easy going. Starting with stretched hair, Ambrosia Malbrough parted her hair down the center of her head with her fingers and uses a bit of flax seed gel and shea butter to smooth her hair. Next, she gatherers her hair and twists it like a large bantu knot and tucks the ends. She secures her bun with two hair ties. She repeats the process on the other side of her head. This is a simple and functional style if you’re getting close to wash day.


How do you style your top knot?

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Sabrina black
Sabrina black
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