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4 Ways to Style An Old Twist Out

• Oct 26, 2015

Raise your hand if you can relate to this tragedy. You’re a twist out gal and wash day is coming up. You keep telling yourself that you’re going to wash and twist your hair for the following week over the weekend, yet you never actually do. You simply didn’t have the time or you were probably out getting your life this weekend. Meanwhile, Monday morning comes and you’re stuck with a head full of dull and lifeless natural hair. You know that you can’t wash your hair until the weekend, because you don’t have any time to tackle your mane during the week. Now, put your hand down. You are definitely not alone and I’m guilty of this myself at times. Fortunately, regardless of how your hair may look, all hope is not lost. Here are 5 ways that you can style that old twist out to help get you through the week!

Two Updos

IMG_0596 IMG_0597

YouTuber. Jamaican HairGoddess, styled her old twist out by doing two updos. For the first updo, she overlapped two sections of hair in the back of her head and pinned them down. Next, she molded the rest of her hair and swept it to the side, away from her face. The second updo was created with a headband. She raked her roots with a wide tooth comb and brushed her hair upward. Next, she took the headband, slid it up her head and pinned the band. Then she took the outermost sections of her hair and twirled and pinned it around her headband. Once the outer layer was twirled, she twirled the rest of her hair and covered any imperfections. Two fabulous updo’s that look a lot more complex than they really are!


Mega Puff


This 4C natural styled her old twist out into a mega puff. NaturalMe4C started off by misting her hair with water and applied styling product to the ends of her hair. Next, she finger detangled and rolled her hair with medium sized perm rods. She wasn’t going for curls, but length. Then she let the rods sit in overnight and took them down in the morning. After separating the sections and smoothing her edges, she ties a panty hose leg around her head and creates a large puff.

Two Down-do’s and a Puff




NaturallyPhilo styles her three old twist out, three ways. Her first style was created after she moisturized and separated her hair, making sure to leave some twist definition. Next, she simply pinned some hair in the front of her head for a bang. Her second style was created by pinning up the two sides of her head into a retro Mohawk. She picked and fluffed he hair for shape. Her last style was created by pulling all of her hair up toward the front of her head so that it slightly covers the front of her forehead. She created her puff by using an old satin string, but a bra strap or old panty hose will do. Lastly, she picked and fluffed for fullness.

Three Down-do’s and an Up-do 

FullSizeRender (5)

Eugenia Says created her first style on her five day old twist out by placing bobby pins to create an invisible headband. This eliminates the headband headache! The next style was created by pinning both sides of her hair. The she took the middle of her hair and created  a loose pump. The next style was created by parting an inch over her ear. Next she created a pony tail and loosely twisted sections of the pony tail and pinned them down, creating a top knot. The last style is a high puff that was created with a broke elastic head band. She took the band and slowly brought up the band to the middle of her head and secured it on her hairline. Lastly, she primpled and fluffed her hair for style.

How do you style your old twist outs and braid outs?


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