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4 Times Adding Silicone to My Natural Hair Regimen Worked

• Oct 29, 2015


Silicones have gotten a bad rap from the natural hair community for years. A number of hair care books, product reviews and articles warn those with natural hair about the use of silicones; noting that they cause build up, fail to nourish the hair strand and can eventually dry hair out. These critiques are not without merit, yet silicones can still be found in products everywhere. Unless you make a valiant effort, it can be difficult to completely avoid them. There have been times when I’ve quickly skimmed ingredients in the store before purchasing a product only to realize that I missed a silicone later. It’s almost like they creep up on you and slide into your hair regimen.

But is there ever a time when using a silicone is considered good? I say yes! It’s all about how you use them and what you do to your hair before and after. Sometimes silicones can do your hair some good.

To Hold a Style

When I straighten my hair, I always use a conditioner or heat protectant with a silicone. Since silicones coat your hair, they can help block moisture from penetrating your hair strand and ruining your style. This is especially helpful if you’re trying a style when it’s humid outside, but note, they aren’t miracle workers! They also help protect your hair from heat damage.

To Protect Your Hair from Heat

Keeping with the theme of heat styling, silicones also help protect your hair and lessen your chance of getting heat damage. They coat the hair better than natural oils and do not break down even if you’re styling with higher temperatures.

To Decrease Breakage and Split Ends

If your ends are prone to breakage or split ends, using a product that contains silicone can help protect your hair from mechanical damage. However, you need to make sure your hair is properly moisturized before applying the silicone product, and cleanse your hair properly to prevent build up and dryness. Most silicones can be removed without sulfates, but at least use a shampoo or cleansing conditioner that contains a good cleansing agent, like coco betaine.

To Decrease Frizz

If your hair is prone to frizz, silicones can help keep your strands smooth and minimize flyaways. Again, just make sure you cleanse your hair properly, or they could begin having the opposite effect.

I personally see nothing wrong with a little silicone use here and there, but like always, make sure you listen to your hair. If you see it getting frizzier, drier or feeling coated, it’s definitely time for a thorough cleanse.

Do you use silicones on your natural hair, or do you avoid them?

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6 years ago

I have been using Hello Hydration conditioner for at least 12 years if not longer…I know it was far enough back such that black folks would look at me cross-eyed in the checkout line, lol. My favorite moisture-rich deep conditioner, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Treatment Mask, has a cone in it too.

I’ve only been seriously wet-styling in the last 5 years or so but when I’ve attempted to go completely cone-free I just don’t get the same results. Hence you can have my cones when you pry them from my cold dead hands…

Leigh Burns
Leigh Burns
6 years ago
Reply to  LBell

I’ve just bought the hello hydration and am excited (dare i say for a natural) to use it. For me, some natural shampoos are good (Shea moisture) but sometimes the curls need wen, or the aussie moist. So I hope my hair responds favorably to the hello hydration and makes it less frizzy as well as helps keeps the moisture in. I live in arizona, and even though for the past 2 months I have about dosed my hair in water all night with my baggy method, (and I have seen my hair act less dry by far), Im still… Read more »

6 years ago

Silicones dry my hair out. Especially since my hair needs to be washed more than once a week.

6 years ago

I use ‘cones work for my hair, especially since I wash often and use shampoo. It keeps my hair soft, shiny and helps detangle my hair without leaving it greasy.

Michelle Freeman
Michelle Freeman
6 years ago

Yes, the mousse I use contains silicones and I slather on my just-washed hair before I section and blow-dry.

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