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4 Overnight Techniques that Transform My Natural Hair from Dry to Moisturized

• Oct 31, 2015

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Sometimes, particularly during the fall and winter months, my hair needs more than the “usual” to be moisturized.  My hair can still be dry the next morning though I slap on a moisturizer and wear a simple satin bonnet at night.  Doing a LOC routine the night before may do nothing to prevent parched strands the following day.  So, sometimes, I have to rely on certain nighttime techniques to transform my hair from dry to moisturized.  Here are a few that work for me:

Double or triple up the satin with heavy moisture

In short, I don’t just stop with putting a satin bonnet on my hair before bed. I also ensure that I sleep on charmeuse pillowcases, which give my hair double the moisture protection. Sometimes, I even go as far as wrapping my hair with a satin scarf prior to putting on the bonnet, hence triple the moisture protection. Of course, all of this would be in vain without first heavily moisturizing my hair.  (You can consider this a modified version of the baggy method, but with satin instead of plastic.)

Seal with hair grease

When a whipped butter or creme no longer seals my strands (which is rare, but it does happen), going back to hair grease can sometimes do the trick.  Personally, I like Softee Indian Hemp because it also contains oils like jojoba, safflower, and rosemary. I prefer to layer the grease on top of the whipped butter or creme for extra sealing rather than to do a full-on substitution. Do check out my earlier post for more details: How Hair Grease (Yes, Grease!) Can Help Retain Length in Natural Hair.

Turn on the humidifier

Some of you may have heard about this technique before, but I cannot stress it enough.  Running a heater while you sleep may be necessary to stay warm, especially during this time of year, but it can also be drying to the air around you.  Turning on a humidifier overnight will help to replace that dry air with moisture, which will not only be better for your hair but your skin as well.

Wet the hair, seal, and twist or braid

When I say “wet”, I don’t mean a simple spritz with my favorite moisturizer. I mean “wet” the hair so that it is literally damp to the touch. (It does not have to be dripping wet.)  I sometimes do this before bed to replenish my dry strands.  Stopping at this point, though, would be futile so I follow up with an oil then twist or braid my hair to help the moisture stay trapped overnight.  Also, doubling or tripling up on the satin adds that extra layer of help.

How do you transform your hair from dry to moisturized overnight?

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Alwina Oyewoleturner
Alwina Oyewoleturner
6 years ago

I currently wear a satin bonnet and a satin scarf, not to maintain moisture but to protect my edges. I will take the added benefit of keeping my hair moisturized if that helps as well. I will try the humidifier option. Soft skin and hair is a definite win!

lecia p
lecia p
6 years ago

I currently do a semi baggy method to moisturize my hair if it starts to feel dry. I do a half baggy method I guess. I do the twists with a moisturizing curl lotion like shea moisture curl style milk & seal with an oil concoction…then i gather the twists into 2 big ponytails & wrap plastic bags around the braids of each pony tail. I found sleeping with a cap on my head created TOO MUCH moisture. My scalp was TOO moist & became a breeding ground for bacteria & itchy scalp.i sweat easy so the cap had to go. I… Read more »

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