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4 Cute Styles to Retain Moisture in the Cold Season

• Oct 6, 2015

Combatting dryness is the name of the game this season and is not just about the products you use.  Here are four cute styles to help your natural hair stay moisturized.

1. Two-Strand Twist Updo

Millicent Swift

This jumbo twist updo will help to trap moisture and keep your ends from drying.  It is also a simple, cute look for almost any occasion. Start with hair that has been stretched via any method you prefer.

Description: Hair is twisted into jumbo twists and pinned into updo.
Products used: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Tools required: Boar bristle brush, rattail comb (for parting), clips, bobby pins

2. Braided and Twisted Updo (for short/medium hair)


If you want a style that you can wear from the workday to the date night, then check out this tutorial.  Inspired by TheChicNatural, this modified updo helps to lock in moisture because the ends are tucked in and the hair is braided and twisted compactly.

Description: Hair is french braided with chunky twists in the front and pinned into an updo.
Products used: Water, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
Tools required: Rattail comb for parting, hair tie, bobby pins, brush

3. Faux Fish Tail Braid (short hair)

Sophia Reed

This style is not only gorgeous but great for protecting the ends from dry air.  Don’t have enough hair to create this fishtail?  Don’t worry. This tutorial demonstrates how to style this look via kanekalon braiding hair on short hair.

Description: Short hair is placed into a top ponytail and extension hair is added to create a faux fishtail braid.
Products used: Gel, moisturizer
Tools required: Boar bristle brush, hair tie, kanekalon braiding hair, bobby pins, silk scarf

Full Goddess Twist Updo (short or long hair)


A natural can never fail with going for a goddess twist style.  The look is not only simple and quick to create but great for moisture retention.  Because the hair is twisted and pinned, it does not get dry as quickly and easily as more exposed tresses.

Description: Hair is flat twisted or rolled into a goddess twist.
Tools required: Bobby pins

What styles do you wear to keep your hair moisturized?

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6 years ago

I went natural in 2005 without a clue, went back to relaxing in 2008. Tried again in 2013 thanks to this site never looked back. Just wanted to let yall know the appreciation is there. Thanks for all the great research, tips, and info : -)

Ugonna Wosu
Ugonna Wosu
6 years ago
Reply to  Toselfbetru

that‘s awesome! Congrats!

Ugonna Wosu
Ugonna Wosu
6 years ago

I’ll try numbers two and four.

Elle P.
Elle P.
6 years ago

All of the styles are gorgeous! I want to try them all but my beginner hair styling skills are telling me to try 2 and 4!

Ugonna Wosu
Ugonna Wosu
6 years ago
Reply to  Elle P.

one is a beginner style too, I think. I just don‘t think it looks that great in the front. Maybe I can modify that part if I do it.

6 years ago

milicent’s hairstyle is the TRUTH !

6 years ago

And crochet braids, too!! ??

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