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3 Ways to Fake a Bantu Knot Out

I’m a sucker for a fly bantu-knot out, but let’s be honest, sometimes after you’ve done the bantu knots and sat under the dryer for hours, your curls still manage to turn out limp and wet, instead of voluminous and fluffy. And then there are those whose hair simply will not spiral no matter how small or large they make the knots. With these 3 faux bantu knot out tutorials, you’ll never have to worry about those issues again!

Flexi Rods


FullSizeRender (2)

This tutorial by NaturalHairSkinCare may be tedious but the concept is pretty simple. Starting on damp hair, moisturize with your favorite products. Next take a flexi rod and a small section of hair, and spiral the hair onto the flexi rod, starting at the bottom of the rod. Finally, fold the top of the rod over to secure the hair.

Make sure that the hair is clumped close together as you roller it, as that will create the spiral/bantu knot out look you’re going for. The next day take out the flexi rods in the direction of the curl and finger style.

Curl and Pin


Maishia Russell uses a unique approach for her faux bantu knot outs and admits that she’s totally bantu knot challenged. Instead of rollers, she takes a bit of Oyin whipped pudding and rolls a small section of her hair around her finger. Then she slides the hair off of her finger and pins the hair to her head – almost like a pin curl. She repeats the technique on her entire head, lets it air dry and takes it down in the morning.

Coils and Perm Rods


DiscoveringNatural illustrates how to fake a bantu knot out in this helpful tutorial. After applying shea butter, she finger detangles her hair. Next, she starts tightly coiling her hair beginning at the root and coils all the way down to the end. Then she wraps the coil around a perm rod in a spiral motion. Air dry or sit under a dryer until your hair is completely dry. The next morning, take down our hair in the direction of the curl and fluff.

Would you try a faux bantu knot out?

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6 years ago

I have been following youtuber naturalhairskincare and man, this woman as they in french “elle a des doigts en or”. every style she creates is the business! However looking at the way she twirls the hair around itself before wrapping it around the rod, one question comes to my mind: is it ok for fine strands? for they tend to lose the volume when they twisted tightly

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