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3 Things You Should Do When Your Natural Hair is Acting “Off”

• Oct 28, 2015

Natural hair doesn’t guarantee good hair days for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, your hair can act absolutely foolish, especially if you’re trying new products or concocting your own treatments and don’t know if they are pH balanced. As a product reviewer, there have been a few times where Izzy has straight up cussed me out and protested to what I’ve put on her. A product that too acidic can leave you with tough, dry hair, while a product that’s too basic can leave your hair mushy. So what can you do to get your hair back on track and properly balanced?

1. Get the pH balance right


In my experience, it’s helpful to use a treatment that is the opposite of what you used to get in this predicament. If I’ve used a product that is too acidic (for my hair I’ve had issues if the pH is less than 4), a cherry lola treatment is my go to fix. Because it contains baking soda, the pH can be as high as 8 or 9, which is good to counteract the acidity. A bentonite clay treatment is also an option, as the clay has a pH of 9.

cherry lola

If your hair is mushy, an acidic treatment, like ayurveda, might do the trick. One of my favorite ayurvedic treatments is a fruit acid powder, cassia, because it has similar results to henna but without the color. It can also be mixed with apple cider vinegar, which is also acidic. A good combination for a treatment is cassia, water, honey, ACV, and coconut oil. Mix until you get a pudding like consistency and leave it in for about four hours.


2. Stop experimenting

After you complete your treatment of choice, reassess the state of your hair. Do you need to deep condition or a protein treatment? Is it time for a detangling session (too acidic products have tangled my hair in the past)? If your hair still feels funky, you may need to repeat the treatment. When you get to a point where you’re fairly satisfied with your hair, use products that you’re familiar with to style. This is not the time to keep experimenting.

3. Give your hair a break

You need to give your hair a break from manipulation and stress. Sometimes I do twists and leave them in for a few days to give my hair a rest.

It may be upsetting when your hair isn’t acting right, but with a bit of attention and care, it should be alright. And learn your lesson — if you know what caused your hair to freak out, throw that product away immediately!

What do you do when your hair is “off”?

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5 years ago

I use Clay every week, because trying to figure out ph balance from shampoo to shampoo is too much. My curls pop like crazy when I use the clay. If its acting or feeling weird, then I use a random shampoo

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