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3 DIY Add-ins That Boost Average Conditioners for 4B Natural Hair

• Oct 30, 2015

Conditioners: We naturals can’t live without them. They are the backbone of our regimens and supply the detangling, smoothing and restoration our hair craves. The rise in women choosing to go natural has also perpetuated a sub culture of “mixtresses” that enjoy using raw materials and already made items to formulate new and improved versions of the original conditioner.

I love taking already decent conditioners and making them even better with little additions and tweaks. I’ve decided to share three of my best moisture + protein balanced, restorative conditioning mixes for dry, damaged, afro-textured hair.
conditoner mixes2
Anyone who knows me personally and follows my blog knows that I’m a huge fan of Aphogee’s 2 Minute Reconstructor. The product on its own works amazingly well on my 4b, medium to coarse strands. Coupled with a just a touch of extra virgin olive oil, the product’s performance goes through the roof, leaving my hair in a well-balanced moisture+protein state. The olive oil can easily be replaced by another oil with strong humectant properties (such as castor oil) for similar results.
This combination is a winner for 4b textures and specifically finer textures that may find traditional protein-laden products too strong for their strands. ORS Replenishing Conditioner is packed with amazing natural hair goodies like soybean and olive oil plus power protein ingredients like silk amino acid and hydrolyzed collagen. Aussie Moist Conditioner is packed with fatty alcohols and a small amount of silicone and jojoba oil. The combination of oils, proteins and fatty alcohols between these two products will make your hair ready for any styling that is to come.
I discovered this conditioner earlier this year when I was looking for a cheap co-wash. The product left my hair nice and soft and I never felt any type of way about using a lot of it because it’s so incredibly cheap. I like to pre-shampoo my hair with this plus coconut cream for a luscious dose of moisture and some protein.
What are some of your favorite diy, moisture + protein rich conditioner mixes?

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