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22 More Hair Quirks Every Naturalista Can Relate To

• Oct 31, 2015

I didn’t think it was possible. But somewhere between last year and this moment, I was able to conjure up 20 more natural hair quirks. Keep in mind, this list is for pure entertainment. You may or may not be able to relate to any of these things, but hopefully you’ll get a good chuckle out of the list regardless. Enjoy!

1. Candles lit, music is playing and you’re totally vibing…you bend down to pick up an item off the floor…your hair is now on FIRE. Don’t get too close to the flame folks. Your hair is larger than you think. (this actually happened to me once)

2. Your hair just isn’t doing the right thing this week, so you decide to wear all black everything until you can wash and style it to your liking again. It doesn’t deserve fancy attire.


3. You put your hair up into a chic protective style using Kanekalon braiding hair…now you have one lone bobby pin digging into your scalp. You carefully try to move your hair about to locate the demon pin, but end up destroying it in the process. Hey at least there’s nothing stabbing you in the head now.

4. People ask you how you got all of your hair into that cute and sleek top knot. They don’t know that it took 12 hair ties, 7 connected pony tails, 53.5 bobby pins, a gallon of Eco Styler gel and prayer to get it into that effortless looking little knot.

5. When a new natural tries to give you natural hair advice while you’re wearing your protective style you think “You have no idea what I’m capable of”.

erika dixon gif

6. You have a sixth sense…the ability to randomly wake up in the middle of the night every single time your scarf or bonnet slides off of your head.

7. You stay away from winter coats that have detachable Velcro hoods. Been there, done that, dag on near lost ya nape because of it.

8. Planning your wash day around major events is so necessary. People need to see you at your larger than life 3 day wash n go/twist out/braid out/bantu knot out/roller set. First day hair will never do.

9. It’s 11 p.m. and your hair still isn’t dry even though you’ve been under the dryer for an hour. You’re drunk with sleepiness, but you refuse to get up because if you do, it will be soggy hair central tomorrow. Better get comfortable. You can thank your butters and oils for this one.

wendy williams i cant

10. You side eye every flying creature and pray that it doesn’t decide to get tangled in your fro…because if it does you’ll be bald. No one is going to pick out a giant wasp from their hair. Not today.


11. Wash day was put off for so long that when you finally do wash your hair, you’re afraid that you won’t have any hair left after you finish detangling that sucker.

12. You sit down and have a serious talk with your significant other when you discover that they’ve been using your hair care products.


13. Even though you’ve been natural for quite a while, you keep having that nightmare where you accidentally got a relaxer.


14. You have emergency shampoo, conditioner, and styling products just in case you slip up and forget to re-up your good stuff.

15. You wake up some mornings, look at your hair and think “how am I going to pull this one off today”. But somehow you manage to turn that tragic bed head into a beautiful triumph.


16. Because your biceps and triceps are on point, people ask what kind of workouts you do. Meanwhile, your arms are only poppin’ because washing , detangling, twisting, braiding, and setting natural hair take some serious strength.

17. Your hair is a blind spot when trying to look to the side and behind you while driving.

18. Ferociously stomping on a ball of hair from your detangling session because you thought it was a gigantic spider. Oops.

scandal olivia scared gif

19. You’re inspired by all the natural kids on social media and have dreams of styling your little one’s hair into a plethora of natural styles. In real life, your child hollers and screams as you try to shingle, twist and diffuse their hair. You think “No one has time for all this. You’re getting pony tails/a haircut”.

20. You walk past another natural on the street and give a secret smile. No need for conversation, ya’ll know what’s up.

21. At first you were one of the only ones in your family and social circle to return to natural. Everyone thought you were “going through” something when you big chopped. Now eons later, you have everybody and their mom asking you for natural hair advice. Listen, if you couldn’t accept me at my TWA, you don’t deserve me at my BAA.


22. It’s another year and you’re still yet holding on to your natural hair journey. Cheers to being natural and fabulous!


Can you relate to any of these quirks? Continue the list below.

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Elle P.
Elle P.
6 years ago

Yes to number 16,lol. That thick natural hair!

6 years ago

Oh Lord! Too many of these connected in a “you know you’re crazy, right” kind of way. But stomping on the hair ball? Yup, that whacked the nail on the head!

6 years ago

So true.…the struggling is real!!! 🙂 8, 11,13,15…ect…

Jasmine S
Jasmine S
6 years ago

omg, I hate those relaxer nightmares

6 years ago

#20 never happens to me anymore…which I think is WONDERFUL. At least where I live, it means natural Afro-textured hair on women is NORMAL.

6 years ago

#12 is the situation with me and my son. I’m like “these are yours… and THESE are mine!” I told him I always know when he uses my stuff, even if it’s a little bit. Also #10 (I always thought the pigeons in NY were out to get me) and #21 (now the fam actually listens to me when I talk about my hair recipes).

6 years ago

#4 gallons of eco gel, though hahahahaha

6 years ago

#16 is the truth! the amount of strength I need to deal with this wonderful head of mine is crazy >_<

Christina J
6 years ago

#20 is where it’s at!

6 years ago

hahaha this was so entertaining! Numner 5, 8 and 18 spoke to me so deeply lol

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