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Why I Did the Big Chop After a Lifetime of Long Relaxed Hair

• Sep 20, 2015

When I first decided to stop getting relaxers, doing a big chop wasn’t my goal. The shortest my hair had ever been was chin length, and for the most part I could still put it in a ponytail if it was getting on my nerves. But the more I tried transitioning styles, the more frustrated I became – whether it was a twist out, bantu knots, or braids, my hair would not dry overnight and I didn’t have a schedule where I could leave them in for days while rocking hats or sit under the dryer for hours. Furthermore, as my natural hair grew out, my relaxed hair looked so sad and limp compared to the thick curls and coils I could see coming in through my scalp. It was exciting, and I wanted to see my natural hair.

I read that your relaxed hair can weigh down your new growth so it was impossible to truly see your natural texture until you big chopped, and I couldn’t wait. Oh, I also had wanted a mohawk type style for years, and this was the perfect opportunity to check out that venture before cutting it ALL off (I think the pic below is the first pic I ever took with my short hair). I wasn’t ready to let hanging hair go for about 6 months before doing my full BC.

qftpc_cut_natural hair

The first time I had my hair cut into my frohawk style, I was anxious as to how I would feel about having short hair (I only had some length and relaxed hair up top) but finally came to the decision that hair grows back (duh, haha) so what the hey. I had the same feeling when I did my final big chop (pictured below: one month after my BC) — it was like progressions of having short hair. But I loved them both!

It was new for me to have short and non-straight hair, but that was part of my journey. I have absolutely no regrets because a) I got to try a style I had always wanted to have and b) I didn’t have to deal with two textures of hair, which would have been annoying to me. I even decided to do my final BC once my new growth was so long that the line of demarcation was blatant and I couldn’t deal. My frohawk and TWA were the easy way out for me, and I think I made the right decision. I should have dyed my hair blue though, haha.

big chop_natural hair

And reading back on my old posts about my cuts, I really only cared about my hair growing back! And now, I dream of shaving my head. I guess the grass always is greener, huh?

Did you do the big chop after having long relaxed hair?

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Darla Jones
Darla Jones
6 years ago

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story.

Lakitha Goss
Lakitha Goss
6 years ago

After 29 years of long relaxed hair, I can relate to the writer. I will never relax nor wear long hair again. I am loving my Amber Rose style crew cut.

6 years ago

i’m a newbie to the natural hair world! hellllp!

currently transitioning and have the same problems with my hair.. but you are beautiful! thanks for sharing your story 🙂

6 years ago

How long ago the pictures above were taken please?

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