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Trending: Elastic Cornrow Styles for Natural Hair [4 Tutorials]

• Sep 7, 2015

How many of you remember elastic cornrows from the late 1990s and early 2000s? This style was a favorite amongst teens back in the day, but now there are more modern ways to wear the style. If you’re challenged in the area of cornrowing, then you definitely want to give this a try. This style gives off the illusion that your hair is cornrowed when it’s really just connected by elastic braiding bands. All you need to know how to do is part your hair and wrap an elastic band. Take a look at these five elastic cornrow tutorials for natural hair.

The Bun


If you’re into buns, then this style is perfect. Natural hair YouTuber Hellow created these elastic cornrows by parting small sections in the back of her head and placing elastic braiding bands around them straight up the center. After she finished rubber banding, she twisted the ends up into her faux bun. The bun was created by twisting Kanekalon braiding hair. The style is elegant in the front, but fun in the back!

The Afro Puff

FullSizeRender (1)

Hellow also has another tutorial where she personalized her afro puff by creating three rows of cool elastic cornrows in the back of her head. She starts off the style by parting small sections of hair in the back of her head and placing the elastic braiding bands around them, until she gets to the center of her head. Next, she braids the ends up towards the center. She repeats this process on both sides of the center row, making sure to leave the center of her head free. Finally, she ties her free hair into a puff using a shoe string.

Side Swept Curls


Jenn J. isn’t afraid to fake it until she makes it with these elastic cornrows. She parts her hair in small sections on the right side of her head and wrapped elastic braiding bands at the base. She then two strand twists the hair that’s left out and then connects that twist to the next section of hair. During her final step, she flat twists the remaining hair and applies flexi rods to curl them. After the hair is dry, she unravels and finger styles. This style would be great for the office!

The Pony Hawk


This is probably my favorite elastic cornrow hair style. YouTube veteran TheChicNatural, created this pony hawk by parting her hair into three pony tails in the front and three pony tails in the back. Her parts are diagonal, creating a cool pattern. After she created the pony tails, she curled her hair with perm rods, using five rods per pony tail. After the hair dried, she took out the rods and finger styled. This style is ideal for naturals who have short natural hair, but would like to achieve a faux hawk.

Have you tried elastic cornrows? 

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Daniella Desewu
Daniella Desewu
6 years ago

Elastic bands in my kinky hair no thanks

6 years ago

Apparently this was past my time but as someone who’s always struggled with cornrowing and flat-twisting, I like that there’s an alternative. Thanks for sharing this!

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