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8 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles for a Late Summer Wedding

• Aug 8, 2015

For those of you getting married this month or next (or maybe you are a member of the bridal party), here are six gorgeous styles options for the big day!

1. Faux Textured Fringe with Bun, 2. Faux Grecian Braided Updo, and 3. Faux Bun Updo


This tutorial contains three beautiful looks for the bride on her perfect day.  If you don’t have the hair length, do not worry!  Each style is created with extension hair.  The Faux Textured Fringe with Bun is for the simple bride. The Grecian Braided Updo is for the Grecian-inspired bride.  Lastly, the Faux Bun Updo is for the extra glamorous bride.

Description: Hair is styled into three beautiful updos for the bride (Textured Fringe with Bun, Grecian Braided Updo, Bun Updo).
Products used: Leave-in conditioner, gel
Tools required: Boar bristle brush, hair tie, bobby pins, scarf,  Kurly Klips Clip-In Extensions (1st style only), Kanekalon hair (2nd and 3rd styles)

4. Roll & Tuck Side Updo

Millicent Swift 1

If you want a more organic look, try this one for the big day.  Dress the puffs with inexpensive artificial flowers for added elegance.  Alternatively, you can use inexpensive jewels for adornments.

Description: Hair is pinned to one side, rolled, and tucked into small sections for a simple updo.
Products used: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
Tools required: Boar bristle brush, bobby pins
Accessories: Inexpensive artificial flowers

5. Curlformer Updo

Lovelyn Appiah 1

These side-swept curls are simply beautiful.  For longer-lasting curls, set with heat under a hooded dryer or use a curling wand.  For my 4C ladies, make sure the humidity is low at your wedding location to avoid early reversion.

Description: Hair is pinned into updo and rosettes while the front is curled and swept to the side.
Products used: Oil, water, gel
Tools required: Curlformers, jumbo magnetic rollers, brush, bobby pins
Accessories: Pearl pins

6. Heatless Curly Updo


Here is another curly updo with a couple of differences including the fall (towards the front) and tightness (tighter, more textured curls).  No heat is necessary to set this style for the big day, and humidity is less of a concern.

Description: Hair is twisted and set on flexi rods for curls then pinned forward to create an updo.
Products used: Uncle Funky’s Daughter line
Tools required: Clips, Denman brush, flexi rods (yellow and purple), bobby pins

7. “Flat” Twist (Not Quite) Updo

Millicent Swift 2

This updo is an elegant option for the bride or bridesmaid. Don’t know how to flat twist?  Don’t worry; the skill is not needed.  If you look close enough, the style only incorporates single and two-strand twists; no flat twists are involved.

Description: Hair is rolled and two-strand twisted into an elegant updo.
Products used: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, LouAna Coconut Oil, SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Tools required: Rattail comb for parting, toothbrush, clips, bobby pins

8. Jumbo Twist Bang and Updo

Lovelyn Appiah 2

Last, but not least, is this gorgeous jumbo twist updo for the bride, maid/matron of honor, or bridesmaid.  The look is completed by a beautiful pearl pins.  Alternatively, you can use flowers or jewel pins.

Description: Hair is pinned into updo with a jumbo twisted sideswept bang.
Products used: Gel
Tools required: Brush, bobby pins
Accessories: Pearl pins

Will you try any of these natural hair styles?

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6 years ago

well, these are beautiful and.…… sculptural!

6 years ago

Woahhh…love the first 2..

6 years ago

That Roll & Tuck Side Updo was just GORGE!

6 years ago

That’s my best friend that’s my best friend! Hey Lovelyn!

Gloria Boyce
Gloria Boyce
6 years ago
Reply to  Marra

HAHAHAHAHA Marra you are too funny! Lovelyn you Rock!!!

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