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5 Signs You Should Immediately Stop Using a Product on Your Natural Hair

• Aug 11, 2015

Sometimes, a product just doesn’t work out. I’ve tried hundreds, maybe thousands, of products over the years, and there have been several times where the product isn’t doing what I want it to — meaning, it doesn’t have enough hold, it has poor frizz control, doesn’t have enough slip, or other things that cause me to decide to not buy a product again. Even still, I use a product several times before I come to this conclusion, using the product in different ways and with a variety of other products. But there are a few times where I can’t continue using a product on my hair, even for the sake of the review, and I hope you do the same! It can be difficult to throw a product away, especially if it’s a luxury product, but you may cause long term damage over time.

1. It dries your hair out. Frizz is one thing, but one instance of dry hair can turn into much longer if you don’t correct the behavior. Dryness ultimately causes breakage and contributes to tangles, so if you can identify the culprit, kick it to the curb.


2. It causes your hair to tangle. Have you ever used a product and every time you go to rinse your hair, it feels more tangled than usual? When that happens, I have to stop using it. Difficult detangling sessions can be discouraging and frustrating, so if I can avoid them, I certainly will.

3. Your hair feels extra coated when you rinse it. Some products cause build up over time, and some are more noticeable than others. If your hair feels “off” when you rinse it, you may want to rethink the new leave-in you used prior. Coated hair causes breakage and split ends — follow up your cleansing with your trusted products, and don’t use the coating product again.

4. Your hair continuously flakes after using it. I’ll try a product a few different ways first, but if I can’t get the flakes to stop falling, it’s a no go for me. Also, there’s no way that I’m going to stop touching my hair, so I can’t imagine letting flakes get all over me every time I use a product.

5. It doesn’t mix well with anything. Sure, we all have products that we know not to pair, whether it causes white chunks, makes your hair seem more wet, or produces more shrinkage than you’d like. But if a product doesn’t pair well with anything, it could be a lost styling cause. After all, there are very few products that can effectively function as an “all in one” product. It’s not you, it’s them.


When do you decide that it’s time to stop using  a product?

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6 years ago

I know for sure I need to stop using a product when I’ve surpassed all of the above AND even being a kitchentichian doesn’t work. When all the added oil, butter, conditioner, and aloe vera in the world can’t make my hair like a product, I go ahead and give up.

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