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Why I Don’t Part My Natural Hair

• Aug 23, 2015

Seriously, I might be a little late on this one. Years ago when someone commented on my hair, saying it looked “nice but I needed to take out the part,” I thought it sounded 100% hater. What? What’s wrong with a part? My hair falls anyway, so why not part it so it’s easier to section, wash and style?

However, I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped parting my hair a few months ago, and it actually makes a difference! It was easier to get more volume without a part, even while my hair was air drying, and it looked rounder and more “free,” like it was truly doing what it wanted to do.

Natural Hair No Part

But I also noticed something else — when it was time to detangle, my hair felt like it was more tangled and it was harder to get a comb through.

Note: there were no other changes to my regimen besides the lack of parting my hair to the side. 

So I started thinking and came up with the following theory: My hair is very dense and leans towards the coarser side (someone with finer hair or looser curls may not have this issue), so when it’s not drying in any particular direction (it usually ends up naturally falling to the side but my roots are flat like they are when I part my hair), it gives my roots the opportunity to mat, especially if I pick it out before it’s dry.

I didn’t want to give up my big hair, so I had to develop some techniques to keep tangles to a minimum and not affect my length retention. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Part your hair before your wet it, even if it’s not parted to begin with.

Before I wash my hair, I spray my roots with a leave-in conditioner so it’s easier to part and use my fingers to to make a fairly clean part (it doesn’t need to be perfect) in four sections. The purpose is to keep my strands from criss crossing over one another between sections of hair to decrease the chance that I pull a strand while I’m detangling another section.


2. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you pick it out.

Like I referenced above, wet picking = tangles for me. Even if I get impatient and want my big hair right then and there, I have to wait until it’s totally dry or it’s going to be tangle city in a few days.

3. Detangle your hair once a week.

I admit, in the past I’ve been a bit hair lazy with detangling, sometimes waiting over a month to take a comb to my mane. With this style… yikes! I definitely need to be more conscious of my detangling routine and get the tangles out before they mat up so much that it’s an issue.

Since I’ve implemented these slight tweaks, it’s been pretty smooth sailing with my non-parted hair. Try it and tell me what you think!

Do you part your natural hair? If not, do you experience more tangles and 

how do you alleviate them?

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6 years ago

I think I need to personally start parting my hair it would make things easier. Especially since I have 4b.4c hair.

6 years ago

I got tired of reading. Lol I’ll just stick to parting.

Nigeria Riggins
Nigeria Riggins
6 years ago

I always thought non parting suited Elle much better so I’m glad she took the person’s advice and tried it. Some people look great with parts, some look more natural when there’s no part. Just depends on the style.

The Darling Kinkshamer
The Darling Kinkshamer
6 years ago

If I combed my dry hair I would end up with a million split ends. I detangle once a week with kinky curly leave-in conditioner and this routine works.

For some odd reason I can’t ever part my hair without a rattail comb, it just does not look perfectly straight to me. I always part my hair on the side, and I don’t know why haha!

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