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How to Preserve a Perfect Twist Out for an Entire Week

When it comes to twist outs, the style itself is simple. You simply two strand twist your hair wet or dry with products. When you unravel your twists in the morning, you are greeting with large or small ringlets depending on the size of your twists. Simple. However, figuring out how to keep those curls throughout the week can be a bit challenging. Here are a few tutorials and tips on how to maintain your twist outs during the week.

Re-Twist and Pineapple

photo 1

Natural hair YouTuber, Kitty51181, uses two methods to maintain her twist outs for up 5 or 7 days. Her first method is called the re-twist method and she basically re-twists her hair in larger twists. She usually re-twists her hair in 7 to 9 twists and rolls the hair around her finger at the end of her hair to create a curl. She then covers her hair with a satin braid scarf for preserve the twists until she unravels them in the morning.

Her second method involves doing a pineapple on her hair. She takes a hair tie and pulls all of her hair up into a pony tail that’s close to the front of her head. Then she ties her hair up with a satin scarf that’s folded into a triangle. She crisscrosses the scarf in the front and ties it in the back. You can repeat these steps throughout the week to keep your twist out curls intact.

 The 3-Minute Morning Miracle

photo 2

This second tutorial is by 4C beauty, NaturalMe4C. She demonstrates how she preserves her twist outs without re-twisting her hair at all. She started her twist out on wet hair and used Fantasia IC styling gel, Shea Moisture’s Curl and Shine conditioner, avocado butter and olive oil for styling and moisture. On the first day of her twist out, she just puts a satin bonnet on her head at night. Actually, it’s a satin slip because the bonnet is too small for her head (thanks for the idea!). In the morning, she jumps in the shower and refreshes her hair with steam only. She then starts finger styling her hair and puts a little of the Curl and Shine conditioner on her edges. For those of you who don’t have a lot of time to spare in the morning, her morning refreshing routine takes just 3 minutes!

Hope you enjoyed those tutorials. I’ve been doing twist outs on my hair for years. Here are a few things that I’ve learned about maintaining my own twist out through the week.

1. It’s not necessary to re-twist your hair, the way you would on day one, every night. That takes up a lot of time and you can get similar results, if not the same, with doing several large twists. I put 7 or 8 in my hair or 3…depending on my laziness.
2. If you pineapple your hair every day, it will cut down on styling time throughout the week.
3. If your hair is on the dry side, COVER YOUR HAIR. Even if you sleep on a satin pillowcase, COVER YOUR HAIR with a bonnet, a scarf, or a slip (hehe) so that you hair can stay moisturized. I tried the satin pillowcase only routine and my hair ended up too frizzy and dry by day 3 most of the time.
4. A little water and leave-in conditioner spritzed on your twists at night will set and define your hair for the morning.

How do you preserve your twist out throughout the week?

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6 years ago

I would love to see a find a method that works when you work out like I do. That’s 5-6 days a week with running/spin class/tabata and weight training. Basically, a serious sweat. And with life they way that it is for me, I workout in the mornings – so I need to wait for my hair to dry before I can take it down. I feel like Michael Jackson in The Wiz…. “You Can’t Win!” lol

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