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10 Essential Natural Hair Hacks

Surely, I can’t be the only one who has run out of shampoo on wash day or just can’t seem to find my conditioning caps when it’s time to deep condition. With these easy, yet effective hacks, you’ll never need to panic again. Here are 10 natural hair hacks that may get you through your next natural hair crisis.

1. If you can’t find your conditioning caps or have run out of them, use a plastic grocery bag. Put it on your head and put the excess plastic in a pony tail holder.

2. No conditioner? If you have mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil, and raw coconut oil, then you have all of the ingredients for the perfect deep conditioner. Nautural hair YouTuber, Razorempress has an excellent tutorial on how to mix it up. You might even end up using this conditioner on a regular basis.

3. When you’ve run out of shampoo, apple cider vinegar and baking soda will get your hair clean. Mix one part baking soda with three parts water and apply to your scalp. After rinsing, mix one part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water and apply to hair and scalp. Rinse with cold water to seal in moisture.

4. If you’ve run out of your favorite detangler, use aloe vera gel.

5. Don’t have the space for a hooded dryer? This Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer is awesome if you live in a small space. I used the when I was in college and it actually dried my hair quicker than a regular hooded dryer. It was also great for deep conditioning. I also travel with this dryer, because you never know! IMG_0188

6. If you use a comb attachment on your blow dryer and you’re tired of it always breaking, attach a Willie Morrow Comb to your blow dryer as seen in this video by JustJali. The attachment comes with a tightening mechanism to make sure it doesn’t slip off.

7. Fighting with your long box braids to create the perfect high bun? Don’t fret, this easy tutorial by Stephanie Andrea is genius. Instead of torturing herself by attempting to use an oversized hair tie, she uses a bandana and ties it around her box braids to create her bun.

8. Are the ends of your twist outs or braid outs looking a little thin? Use a cold perm rod or flexi rod on the thin areas to create a fuller look.

9. Did you just underestimate the amount of roller you’d need? Cut up a brown paper bag or an old t-shirt to help you finish the job. This hack also creates beautiful heatless curls on its own. YouTuber, IamRallyGirl shows you how.

10. If you’ve run out of your favorite protein treatment, head to your fridge and grab the Greek yogurt. NaturalMe4C uses Greek yogurt for her 4C mane.

What are your essential natural hair hacks?

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6 years ago

One of the best deep conditioners I’ve tried is a looot of coconut oil+ a little shea on top…cover with plastic cap….leave on as long as you can…even better overnight….soft, moisturized, detangled hair and it stays that way even after you wash it out.


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6 years ago

the paper bag idea is genius. especially since i always run out of rollers and i’m too cheap right now to buy more ahaha I also like the bandana for a hair tie technique. pretty slick!

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