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7 Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Who Rock Their Natural Hair

• Jul 21, 2015

There’s no surprise that there are increasing numbers of black beauty and fashion bloggers embracing their natural hair, but with the natural hair movement only recently making a resurgence throughout the African continent, African bloggers are beginning to make the switch as well. Natural hair is a touchy subject for many Nigerians, but here are a few Nigerian fashion bloggers who proudly show off their natural hair.

Skinny Hipster


Nifesimi, the woman behind Skinny Hipster, is known for her simple chic looks with standout pieces, as well as her signature short hair.

Chioma’s Evolution of Style


Chioma’s sweet Southern style always emanates from her photos, which are often topped off with her perfectly round medium fro. She also likes to wear a lot of protective styles like kinky twists, but her current set of crochet braids are absolutely perfect!



Though Uzy is fairly young, this UK blogger has serious free-spirited style, and an awesome fro to match! Her boyfriend/photographer also has great style and a cool haircut perfect for guys who want to grow their hair out a bit.

Asiyami Gold


Though this beauty has been rocking Heat Free Hair lately, she has a few pictures with her own natural hair. Aside from having chic style, her Instagram page is extremely well curated for those who love eye-catching visuals.



Ezinne’s golden tipped tapered cut, infectious smile, and signature red lips all leave me wanting to scream yass!!

Buki Peters


Buki is another fashion blogger that proudly rocks her natural hair, but her style is more vintage/romantic than the other ladies, which further proves that natural hair works with any style choice.



I almost left Folake off this list because she’s pretty well known, but there’s no list about fashion bloggers, Nigerian bloggers, or bloggers with natural hair that would be complete without her!

Did I miss any Nigerian fashion bloggers with natural hair?


About Klassy Kinks founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. You can find her on social media @klassykinks.

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6 years ago

This article is great overall buutttt natural hair is definitely NOT a touchy subject among Nigerians. On the contrary it is becoming more and more embraced, the community here has grown tremendously over the past 2 years 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  tomilola

So I hear! Good to know. I wish it was in trend back in secondary school but of course, peer pressure and relaxers…enough said.

6 years ago

You left yourself off this list!! I guess that would be self promotion lol, but I just found your instagram and I love your style and hair. Hope you don’t mind if I steal a look or two 🙂

6 years ago

yes, Biki John from My Fashion Slash Life

Torie Amza
Torie Amza
6 years ago

Anybody know if StylePantry is Fula? Just curious 🙂

5 years ago

yes you missed the beautiful Silvia Williams… always natural

Christina J
6 years ago

I’ll have to check them out!

6 years ago

These ladies are booked marked for most people, but great reminder. I would have love to have been featured too. Wande xx

Buki of
Buki of
6 years ago

Thank you so much for featuring me among this list of fabulous ladies!
Growing up Nigerian, it wasn’t always easy rocking my natural hair… It
was especially difficult for my grandma to embrace my choice but I’m
glad to see natural hair celebrated!

4 years ago

Why and how am I just seeing this? I needed this reminder as I’m growing out an awkward hair cut! Thanks Ijeoma! 🙂

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