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An Afro Pick with a Mirror? A Flat Iron That Steams? 5 Interesting New Inventions for Natural Hair

With more and more handsfree, super-powered, and specialized technologies being invented to make every aspect of our lives easier, there’s no surprise that the hair industry is looking for ways to bring innovative designs and technologies into products and tools. If you’re the kind of woman who is always up-to-date on the latest tech gadgets, then you’ll love these hair tools that merge innovation with healthy hair care.

Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush

detanglebrush3Years ago when the Denman brush swept the natural hair world, people began removing rows to create space between the bristles. Felicia Leatherwood’s detangling brush essentially does that, by itself, with every brush stroke. The brush’s unique design allows the bristles to open on their own, which users have said greatly improves their detangling process while cutting down on breakage.

Agave Healing Vapor Flat Iron

agave vapor ironIf you like to occasionally straighten your hair, but you are concerned about heat damage, there are flat irons that steam your hair with oils with every pass. Agave’s Healing Vapor Iron . I’ve used Agave Oil on my hair before, and was quite impressed with the thickness and it’s ability to coat and seal my hair strands, so I trust the brand. Hot Tools makes a similar flat iron with an argan vapor compartment that’s a bit cheaper, while Conair makes one with retractable combs and a water reservoir.

Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer

rowenta dryerDo you find yourself having to continuously turn a blowdryer on and off as you move through sections of your hair? Wouldn’t it be nice if a dryer could turn off by itself when you put it down, and turn on again when you pick it up? Well your dreams have come true with the Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer, which has AutoSensor technology that does just what you’ve been hoping for.

CWK SSS Plates

cwk kickstarterThough these plates were met with controversy last year, the natural hair community has really latched onto the idea of being able to straighten, roll, and spiral curl your hair with limited heat and damage. If that interests you, and you want to be just one of a few people owning a limited edition hair tool, then the CWK SSS Plates might just be for you!

Mirror Pick


Ok, maybe this isn’t too technologically advanced, but the concept of having a mirror attached to your comb is too perfect! Ideal for carrying along in your purse on rainy days, or in your car to use for last-minute primping before work or a date. Best part: it’s less than $10!

Do you look for highly innovative haircare products and tools for maintaining your natural hair?

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Corelle Perry
Corelle Perry
6 years ago

These are cool tools. You forgot about the Michel Mercier brush.

6 years ago

Mirror pic ain new though. Had one at home.

I am from South Africa.

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