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5 Fun Low-Maintenance Summer Styles for Natural Hair

• Jul 11, 2015

Who wants to spend hours or days styling their hair this summer?  Here are four looks that require little upkeep while also being fun to wear this season.

1. Chunky Flat Twist Updo

This style is a great option for twist lovers (raises hand) who just want to wrap at night and go in the morning.

Millicent Swift

Description: A few chunky flat twists are created in the back and on the sides with a pompadour in the front.
Products used: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Tools required: Clips, bobby pins

2. Curly, Bouncy Pin Up

If your previously straightened hair is starting to revert, try this look before washing back to your curls or coils.  To maintain, just pineapple or reset with a few rollers in the front.


Description: Previously straightened hair is perm rodded and pinned into voluminous updo.
Products used: Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse, Herbal Essence Big Beautiful Hold Hairspray, oil
Tools required: Perm rods (pink, white), bobby pins

3. Voluminous Ponytail with Hump

Don’t have enough hair to create a voluminous ponytail?  Try this technique of using two puffs in the back.  Creating the look takes less than five minutes in the morning.

Mini Marley

Description: Voluminous back ponytail with bang rolled and pinned in the front.
Products used: Moisturizer, water (spritz), gel, Motions Light Hold Working Spritz
Tools required: Clips, rattail comb (for parting), boar bristle brush, ponytail holder

4. Top Knot, Half Up and Half Down

Remember the half up and half down styles of your younger years?  Well, bring it back this summer with the following tutorial.  This look is really quick to redo daily or every other day.


Description: Half up and half down style on stretched hair with top knot.
Products used: Oil sheen, gel
Tools required: Comb (for parting), hair tie, boar bristle brush, bobby pin

5. Rolled Updo (Johnny Bravo Inspired)

Here is another style that requires minimal upkeep.  It can be worn for a few days straight and recreated in under ten minutes.

Sophia Reed

Description: Hair is rolled and pinned into an updo.
Products used: Gel
Tools required: Bobby pins, boar bristle brush

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6 years ago

I really like the first one, so will definitely give it a try.


All cute.

6 years ago

cute styles.. I will have to try..

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