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4 Non-Inverted Yoga Techniques for Hair Health

I already know what you’re thinking…”Elle, what’s new about this article? We’ve already filed the inversion technique under the ‘doing too much’ files.” And I thought the same thing – think yoga and hair growth, and you’re automatically thinking of headstands and the like – hanging upside down to increase blood circulation to your scalp and result in more hair growth. But apparently, the benefits of yoga are so aimed at overall wellness, that you don’t even have to hang upside down to get a boost in the hair department. Here are some examples:

Diamond Pose (Vajrasana)YogaElle2

This pose is said to increase the blood flow and circulation to your upper body, as well as improve your digestive function and keep away digestive disorders that can cause hair loss. It is said to reduce shedding/hair fall if you hold it for a couple of minutes each day.

Kapalbhati Pranayama


This is actually a breathing exercise done while sitting in lotus pose (basically cross-legged). On each exhale, breathe out actively and inhale regularly through your nose, for three rounds of twenty, eventually increasing to sixty inhales/exhales per round. This not only increases blood circulation to your brain, but also releases tension and cleanses toxins in the body.

Nail Rubbing Exercise (Balayam)


(Look, don’t shoot the messenger.) The logic behind this exercise is that circulation in your nails is related to circulation in the scalp, so stimulating your nails will help with hair growth. I actually tried this, but only did it once because I got bored rubbing my nails together for five minutes. But even if your hair doesn’t grow, your nails will be buffed to perfection!

Raised Leg Pose (Uttanpadasana)


For this one, you can just lay down and lift your legs or, you can do one leg at a time. The pose allows the blood in your legs to flow back towards your head to increase stimulation and growth. Hold for a minute and repeat 5-10 times.

It may sound silly, but perhaps these are worth a try as they are not as taxing on the body as inverted poses. I often lay in raised leg pose while I watch TV to increase strength in my legs for my daily yoga practice anyway, so why not? Anyone down for a yoga hair growth challenge?

Would you try these poses and techniques for hair growth?



**Disclaimer: If you choose to practice these techniques, you are doing so at your own risk. BGLH and QFTPC are not held liable.**

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6 years ago

I do yoga and I guess I haven’t been really paying attention to poses and hair growth, but I haven’t really seen too much of a difference with my hair growth.

6 years ago
Reply to  Tabatha

Same, but I also don’t hold the poses for as long as they instruct b/c I’m usually doing flow classes. I wonder if it would work though!

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