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4 Creative Cornrow Updos on Natural Hair

• Jul 25, 2015

Simple and easy natural hair styles always save much-needed time, but every now and then it’s fun to get a little more detailed with your look. Here are four gorgeous braided styles you may want to try this summer!

Layered Cornrows and Bun


This style by natural hair YouTuber, EverythingEbonee, is gorgeous. Her braids are actually four layers of cornrows she did using Kanekalon braiding hair. The very bottom layer of her cornrows is actually single box braids, for versatility. After putting the braids up into a pony tail, she twisted it and secured the ends with a rubber band, wrapped the twisted braids around her head and pinned it to create a bun. The cornrows may not be simple, but the updo is very easy. This is a great style if you already have layered cornrows and would like a different look.

Cornrowed and Twisted Updo


This style by MsAmberGlamour is create by starting the cornrows at the back of the head on a curve. The cornrows are braided on an angle and are only done halfway before the ends are braided. Next, MsAmberGlamour cornrows the sides of her head, and those are also done on an angle. The front of her head is two strand twisted and pinned. The style is very detailed, but is also a great protective style.

Curly Cornrowed Updo


Natural hair YouTuber TheChicNatural is great at coming up with unique braided hair styles. Starting with blow dried hair she makes a curved part on the side of her head and begins to cornrow. Next, she cornrows the back of her head going up and curved toward the center. For the front of her hair she uses flexi rods to create heatless curls. She separates each curl into four sections for fullness.

Cornrowed and Twisted Pin Curls


This style by April B. was done on YouTuber Nikkimae2003. She cornrows the hair in a curved design in the back, then does single strand twists near the crown and in the front. Next, she pin curls the twists. Nikkimae2003’s sides are also cornrowed, leaving just a small section of hair on her hairline twisted. This style is very elegant.


Would you wear a cornrow updo?

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Corelle Perry
Corelle Perry
6 years ago

All of these styles are awesome! I just trying to learn to flat twist and it is a battle! I wish there was a class on achieving these styles in real life…

6 years ago

Yes I’m wearing a braided updo now ( with just my real hair ) but I go to a stylist to get it braided .

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