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3 Salons Where You Can Get African Threading Done

Though we have many articles devoted to African threading, we have not yet broached the topic of where to get the style done …. until now!

1. Anana Scott – Oakland, CA
Goapele. Hair by Anana Scott.

Anana Scott came to popularity when people wondered who created the beautiful threaded style on singer Goapele in 2010.  According to Black Voices,

“Thread-wrapping isn’t a new style for Goapele, however. Scott used to style and thread-wrap the singer’s hair when she was a little girl. And even though Scott learned this technique from her Mississippi-bred grandmother, who used do a similar wrap style with women’s hair decades ago, she says it’s a technique that definitely has its roots in Africa.” – Natural Hair Beauty Blog

As recently as last year, Scott demonstrated her threaded styles at the Nappywood Natural Hair Expo alongside another stylist, Nawaili Gray.  Here are a few more pictures of her work:

Hair by Anana Scott

Contact info:
Website: Kingdom Hands

2. Séphora Joannes – Paris, France 

sephora joannes tumblr
Hair by Séphora Joannes

Séphora Joannes is Caribbean hair artist (and hairstylist) who resides in Paris, France. She has threaded the hair of models for various shows, many of which you can find on her Haaragraphy site as well as on her instagram (see below). Séphora of her work (loosely translated from French):

“Since my return to natural, I devote a passion for hairdressing and especially on kinky and curly hair. 

These hair are clouds, lightweight and “sculptable,” that allow us all kinds of styles … My inspirations are Fulani, Masai, Ethiopia, Martinique, Contemporary … ” – Séphora Joannes, Afro Mango & Cie

Hair art by Séphora Joannes

Contact info:
Instagram: @sephorajoannes
Twitter: @sephora_joannes

3. The Damn Salon – USA and Canada

Hair by The Damn Salon

The Damn Salon introduced the Nwele technique to the natural hair community back in 2010.  The technique essentially involves threading of the hair without heat or chemicals for maximum elongation, or stretch. If you are new to using African threading for stretching and would like to go to a professional stylist, then check them out.  The salon has locations in the United States (Atlanta, New York City, Houston, DC, Charlotte) and Canada (Montreal).  Definitely contact them to inquire which of their locations still offers this service.

Contact info:
Instagram: @thedamnsalon

Do you know of any other stylists or salons that do African threading?  Share below!

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cerulean blue 86
cerulean blue 86
6 years ago

Annana Scott is speaking to me cause I also have Mississippi roots and my Great-great grandmother used to thread her granddaughters (my grandmother) hair. that’s culture right there. dope.

Sithé Annette Ncube
Sithé Annette Ncube
6 years ago

Or you could ask an African…
My mum used to do this to my hair. Lots of women in Africa can do this. I find it hard to believe you wouldn’t be able to find someone who can do this anywhere.

Christina J
6 years ago

This is so cool to see African Threading in styling the hair. I actually use this method to stretch my hair without heat after my wash day. It’s easy and keeps the moisture in the hair after air drying. I wish I could do styles with African Threading

6 years ago
Reply to  Christina J

Same here. My hair has to be kept in a stretched style or it tries to loc. I use african threading to stretch it out. I would love to find some styles I can do myself and wear to work. The styles in this post are lovely but a bit haute couture for me. Threading is such a great protective style, I wish I could wear it all the time ?

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