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4 Tips to Avoid Length Loss While Wearing Your 4B/4C Hair Out this Summer

loose hair

In the summertime, I personally love the freedom of being able to wear my hair loose. However, the downside is that retaining length can be a challenge for me if I don’t protective style. Fortunately, I have found ways to do both – wear my hair loose AND retain length. If you want to do the same, check out these tips to help you formulate your own summer regimen.

1. Switch between protective and loose styles

You may not have to wear styles that are strictly protective or strictly loose this summer. Rock both! One idea is to alternate between two weeks protective and two weeks loose. Another idea is to go protective one week, loose the next week, and start all over again the following week.

2. Go for stretched styles, like braid outs and twist outs

Style Icon Funmi

Alternatively, if you want to wear your natural hair more loose than protective, pick a style that stretches your tresses but also requires little re-touch. This can be a twist out or braid out that you don’t manipulate often. Do you want some actual examples of 4B/4C regimens? Then oheck out this long-haired, monthly twist out routine by our style icon Funmi. She rocks a twist out for about two weeks then pulls her hair into a low ponytail (or bun) until her next wash day. Another example is style icon Olivia’s stretched style. She mainly wears puffs stretched via twists or buns.

Style Icon Olivia

3. Do a proper wash-n-go with minimal tangles

Wash-n-gos aren’t for every 4C natural, but not all 4C’s need to avoid them either. (I’ve done them with success.) If you want to try them, check out our recent post on 6 Tips to Reduce Tangles and Knots on 4C Wash and Go’s.

4. Fake the look with crochet braids


Finally, there is the option of wearing crochet braids for the loose look while keeping your real hair protected underneath. We have many posts on this style on this site. Here is one of our posts entitled 5 Ways to Rock the HOT Crochet Braid Trend. Also check out this mini-tutorial on crochet braids with an invisible part by Nelly2fine:

FINAL NOTE: Check out this previous post we did for MORE tips:

7 Tips for Retaining Length on 4C Natural Hair Without Protective Styling

How do you wear your hair loose this summer with minimal length loss?

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7 years ago

I’m looking for ways to be able to enjoy my hair without having to wear protective style. IDK what i’m doing wrong but i only ever see real progress in protective styles 🙁

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