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7 of the Weirdest Ingredients for Natural Hair That Actually Work

• Jun 29, 2015


Every once in a while, a new everyday product is introduced with claims of extraordinary hair benefits. However, some of them can be a little far-fetched for our tastes. Here’s a few products, we weren’t exactly considering taking to the shampoo bowl:

1. Pancake Syrup

Some of us use honey and some folks reach for Mrs. Butterworths when deep conditioning. Pancake syrup is said to serve as a great humectant. Most folks will suggest you go with nothing less than 100% maple syrup however. We kind of just want to stick to using this one for buttermilk pancakes.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter protein treatments are a thing. Peanuts alone are full of protein and the oils it produces are believed to strengthen the hair. So it’s no wonder some reach for Jif instead of Aphogee. However, if you have a peanut allergy, you might want to skip this one. Also forgo the “crunchy” kind.

3. Aspirin

Not just for your headaches. Apparently, grabbing a bottle of aspirin, crushing it up and adding it to your shampoo can alleviate dandruff, product buildup and restore luster to your hair.

4. Vodka

Yes, the turn up is real. Adding vodka to your shampoo is said to lower product buildup and the pH level in your hair. Vodka is said to possess the ability to seal the hair cuticle and limit all around frizz.

5. Beer

This is probably the least of the weird products on the list and it’s been a well-used trick for some time. Beer rinses are said to produce fuller, thicker hair as well as shine. We’ve definitely highlighted beer as one of our 6 Great Shampoo Substitutes.

6. Coca Cola

Phosphoric acid in Coca Cola contracts the hair cuticles which supposedly enhances your natural curls after washing your hair with the beverage. Coca Cola can also be used to fade hair color as the acid in the drink will dissolve the dye. (But what about your strands, doe?)

7. Ketchup

If you’re hitting up the pool this summer without a swimming cap, (cause they aren’t exactly the cutest things ever) you might experience some chlorine damage especially if you’ve dyed your hair. Ketchup has been know to counteract that weird sea-green color you might get after one too many laps in the pool. If you’ve noticed your hair is a green tint, grab the nearest bottle of ketchup out of your fridge, massage into your hair, leave in for about 15 minutes and rinse.


Have you tried any of these products? Furthermore, are you WILLING to try them?

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6 years ago

Um… really?
No, no, no and no. When using household products for your hair goes terribly wrong!

6 years ago

i’ll pass

6 years ago

If it can’t or shouldn’t go in or on your body you shouldn’t use it!

La Bella Bre'
La Bella Bre'
6 years ago

Heard about all of these, including the ketchup. The vodka makes sense as products like Roux Porosity Control Conditioner have alcohol in them. I would not use the ketchup or peanut butter, but I might try the maple syrup, as blackstrap molasses is pretty popular as a humectant and can cure scalp ailments. Don’t knock these things until you try them. Not everyone can spend hundreds on hair products, nor does everyone care to.

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